Lifestyle: Boxing Day Shopping 

Can you believe Christmas 2015 has come and gone? How did that happen, I mean there was so much anticipation and preparations for it and poof it came and now it’s gone, such is life I guess.  As much as I love the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas Day itself, I am more of a Boxing Day lover kind of girl because for the last 8 years MOH and I have a tradition where we visit and shop in Harrods on this one & only day due to the most awesome sales ever. There are many brands that never go on sale but that’s not a problem for us, we are only interested in the perfume area of Harrods. So many amazing brands go on sale in the perfume section it is absolutely crazy and we love it. For the last 4 years we have had to queue up outside to get into the perfume section since it can get pretty crowded quiet early.

  After a good 10-15 minute queue up outside Harrods we were able to enter (you need a ticket to enter the perfume section and to do that you have to queue up outside the store), handed over our tickets to the guards and went in. It was pretty hectic already so we made our obligatory walk around (browsing as you do 🙂 ) then using the plastic bags provided at the entrance we started picking the perfumes we wanted. The boys (MOH and BIL) managed to scope Calvin Klein Euphoria for men  was £60 reduced to £30 per box, came with after shave balm and shower gel and I grabbed one for dad then headed to Marc Jacobs stand and for me Daisy perfume which I had been wanting for the longest time.

We managed to wander around in Harrods for a good hour before we left and went to Zara which was too busy, MOH got me a pair of nice blue trouser (was £29.99 now £19.99) for work and a beautiful navy blue sweater/jumper to go with it. Almost all the items were on sale except for the spring collection and few other items. We left Zara and headed to H&M my favourite store and grabbed me some Christmas socks (I know Christmas is gone but I wear the Christmas socks year round) and a lowly jumper type top (similar) which was on sale too. The sale in H&M was not what I was expecting and maybe because there were too many people but I did not like a lot of stuff.

To finish off our Boxing Day shopping in London we headed to Selfridge to just check it out but everyone knows when you enter Selfridge you need to come out with that yellow bag (insert crazy laugh). We wandered around and honestly so many things were expensive for us, I loved the women’s sales section saying “…only under £200” as if £200 was not a lot of money. But I still needed to come out with the yellow bag so I went to Clarins section and got my mum a goodie bag which was on sale for £30 and only had 3 tiny items it.

It was a lot of fun shopping in London, it’s our tradition for Boxing Day to go shopping in Harrods specifically as the rest of the year we do not have courage or money 🙂 to afford it.

What did you do on your Boxing Day (day after Christmas for those who don’t know)?

Did you grab any sales? Are you ready for January Sales?