Top Tips for Traveling on a Budget

What are some of your Top tips for traveling on a budget?

2015 saw me do a lot of traveling, in fact I did more traveling in 2015 than I have ever done in my entire life (of 28 years of it). I have learnt so much about myself, what I can put up with, where to go to find deals (any that you know are welcome) and how to make the most if it.

So how did I manage to visit:

South Korea (x2), Belgium, Lithuania (x2) and Slovenia on a budget?

Research (AKA googling)

Apart from my spontaneous trips to Belgium and Slovenia I did a lot of thinking and researching for South Korea and Lithuania but saying that South Korea I visited a friend and Lithuania well MOH is from there. For Korea – round 1 I knew I would be staying with my friend so all I had to think about was flights and spending money. I knew direct flights were preferable but totally out of budget for me so instead I used Skyscanner to give me cheaper options and I was welcoming layovers too. Luckily for me my layovers were pretty short (1.5hrs in Munich going and coming back then 1hr Amsterdam for round 2 going and 7 hours for return in Japan then Amsterdam). To some people layovers are out of the question when travelling for longer than 10 hours but honestly they are not all that bad. For my round 2 return, I had to fly to Fukuoka, Japan layover for 6 hours then fly to Amsterdam for 1 hour layover before heading back to London. I made use of my layover in Japan and saw a bit of the city even if it was at night.

'Welcome to Vilnus' very cold but not too much to stop me from enjoying my visit #travel #travels #traveller #traveller #travelblog #traveling #travelling #travelgram #instatravel #travelphotography #travelbug #lithuania

You can make your layover fun by researching where you will have the layover, can you leave the airport without needing transit visa etc.

Compromise (Don’t give up) on accommodation

Now hear me out, when I say comprise I do not mean completely go commando but instead look at your budget and affordability. For Belgium and Slovenia, I hunted for deals mere days before my flight. I used a lot for my hotels and they find me the best hotels ever. There are so many websites that you can use to find the best deals but for me is that – the best. Slovenia I opted for a hostel type of bed & breakfast than a hotel because it cost less and reading the reviews there were hardly any complaints. The complaints I did see were something I could leave with no problem.

Read Reviews

As mentioned above, always always read reviews of your destination from the flight to the hotel even the airport transfer. This is why I love as people are not shy about leaving a comment on what they thought of the place good or bad and you can tell if it’s a good hotel or not on how they deal with the negative comments etc. Ever since I started blogging, I like to spend some time reading reviews of where I want to go and see if it somewhere I can go and deal with it or not.

Plan ahead

Now this is no brainer especially if you know you have some time before your trip. If you have already decided on location, start planning how you will get there, the distance between hotel and airport, how is public transport there if not driving, what’s the currency and what can you afford. This fits in nicely with compromising, look at what the hotel offers already and see what you can save on. If hotel offers towels, then take only a small towel just in case, if staying in hostel and not sure about their beddings then take a onesie nor light bedsheet if possible. Pack clothes that can be worn day or night and still look fine. Also ask the hotel questions about what they already provide and what you should expect in your room to be on the safe side.

These tips have helped me save a lot of money during my travels in 2015.

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to travel on a budget?