What I want for Valentine’s Day 

What I want for Valentine’s Day

To the lovers who celebrate it, I am sure you’re all fired up and ready to get on with the celebrations, to the singles out there who do not give an F and will be humming it with either good friends or a good book and nice accompaniment I say kuddos to you and to the mummy who had no idea what today is or when V-Day is or even bother to attempt doing something for it I say – wine anyone?

Valentine’s Day is so over commercialised that it is kinda hard to actually see the ‘romance‘ that it is meant to be about. I am not against going to a restaurant and having a meal with my dude because it is something we would have done anyway given we could find the time. I am not against presents because my dude has this thing about making sure all my gifts are personalised and you know what I love it. Every Christmas card he’s given me in the last 8 years has had a poem in it (how sweet it that?). There are so many things that you can do on Valentine’s Day that doesn’t require the materialistic things but if you had to have them many jewellery stores have the best deals around this time.

I have decided for this year, what I want for Valentine’s Day is YOU (ok not you you but boo you 😂😂😂 or not boo you as in booing you but my man lol) and

  • Cuddling – if there is one man I know who loves to cuddle as much as me is my boo. We can spend many hours in front of the telly watching documentaries or Ace Ventura just cuddling and laughing like tomorrow don’t matter
  • Cheesey lines – I am a sucker for sweet nothings. Boo is very good at whispering sweet nothings to me and then he will crack a joke that is totally unrelated (lol) but I love that about him, 8 years on and I am still laughing at he’s (silly) jokes
  • Breakfast in bed – yes ladies I am making you jealous, it doesn’t have to be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, he’s birthday or anything special he just makes me breakfast in bed any day because I love it and I hope (think) he loves it too. It does keep me quite for a long time so I think he likes doing it even more (😂😂😂)
  • Chatting – So the dude and I are very talkative people but I think I overshadow him in most instances but when the boy starts oh good lord it takes me falling asleep to stop him (looool). When boo and I are chatting it’s about simple things about life, he lives for today and I live for today with a foot in a future plan.

This is what I want for Valentine’s Day. If I get anything more for me it will be a bonus but in totality this is all I want.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?