{Guest Post} Local Flea Markets and Souvenir Shopping You Can Buy in Sicily

Whilst I am away on my never ending travels, I thought I share with you a guest post about Sicily – a place I hope to get a chance to travel to. Without further adieu…

One of the best ways to be reminded of your inspiring holiday is to take home some items that reflect a certain culture of the place. In Sicily, there are many objects that represent the island that tourists can buy and take back home. There are many souvenir shops and flea markets in Sicily where you can buy beautiful Sicilian mementos.


Italian design furniture is still recognized as a trendsetter and leader in the world. Many home decoration items are available online on specialized sites where you can purchase prestigious Italian brands at a lower price . For example at ShopMohd you can find a vast collection of designed furnitures such as Kartell renowned for its innovative decorative objects and artistic home accessories. If you walk around local flea markets , you could find yourself face to face with some pieces that you may have already seen online

If you visit Caltagirone, shops proudly display beautiful arrays of colourful, artistic and awe-inspiring handmade ceramics in the form of kitchenware and decorative items such as vases. The quality of these pieces is so good that they are also considered as export items. Items range from the most affordable pieces to very expensive ones. Certain shops also provide custom-made items to suit customer specifications. You can buy them in the place but you can definitely find them everywhere in Sicily. On the other hand, it is worth the visit as you will be amazed at how the area is adorned with ceramic art.


Get lost in the vibrant ambience of Palermo’s street markets where you can find assortments of food, fresh produce, antiques, bric-a-brac as well as sections of dry goods and other articles. The “coppola,” which is perhaps the most popular symbol of Sicilianity, can be found everywhere. This is a good item to bring home as gifts to friends and family. You will find all kinds of designs and styles with different price ranges. Purchase one for yourself and stroll around as you soak up the local atmosphere and enjoy the regional cuisine!

For those who are into antiques, arts and crafts, you will not be disappointed. The Mercato delle Pulci in Palermo is the perfect destination. While you will find mostly furniture items, this place is also a permanent exhibition of antiques and interesting pieces of vintage items and modern art.

Written by: Mary Johnson, a freelance editor and writer