Monthly {2016} February Goals

“We set goals not because we have something to prove but because we love having something to look forward to and something to hold ourselves accountable for Anosa”

Happy February everyone, are you excited about the month of love as I am? I have the first weekend and the final weekend in February booked for travels. I can not wait to share my travels with you, make sure you are following me on Instagram so as not to miss out on all the places I will be venturing to.

Last month I set goals which I hope to archive in 2016, between January and March I am hoping to do and pass my driving test, January has ended and I have not even done anything towards this goal but I have 2 more months to do this so finger crossed.

As is tradition with the monthly goals, I will share what I set last month then share goals I am setting for this month.


Like I did in January 2015, I put together goals which I can accomplish in the space of 12 months. I do not like to think of these as resolutions but monthly goals which if I do not accomplish one month I move to the next month. so for the first quarter I set the following goal:

January – March –> Driving and Buy a car, this goal has been on my list of things I want to do since 2009 and each year I have pushed it back because of either money issues or just lack of time. 2016 is the year that I made more of an effort, put in more time than usual and actually actively worked on getting this done. I wanted to continue with manual car learning but now I think automatic will be best for me.

February Goals

{2016} February Goals

February being the month of love is the perfect excuse for me to set goals geared towards my relationship and also self discovery and development. Looking at how January has been so awesome for my blog, I want on invest more time for my blogs this month but I know it will be hard due to all the travels.

Relationship Goals

  • Make time for each other, I want to remember and bring back the old days. Having being together for so long we have forgotten how to date each other and I want to remedy that.
  • Communicate, we talk but I feel lately we have not been communicating with one another. I want to intentional make time and communicate for the betterment of our relationship
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day, For the last 8 years we’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day either the weekend before or the weekend after and usually we go for a meal or go to the cinema. Rarely do we cook something together and so here is to hoping this year we can do something about it.

Self Discovery & Development Goals

  • Improve time management – I work full-time as well as run two blogs. I will say this again, this has been harder than I initially anticipated. The Myrabev Life blog is suffering because I just do not have the time and sometimes the content to use for this blog. I want to make an effort this February to find time to work on both blogs equally.
  • Take time to learn what I want – I have a good job but after two years one is looking for either change or a promotion, I love the company I work for and wish there was an open promotion position that I could apply for. I am being tempted by offers from outside the company but if I am honest I want to stay in this company and grow. The question for me now is how to I go about doing just that?
  • Learn learn learn, I want to learn more both for my work and for my blogs. I have realised just taking each day as it comes both at work and blogging is not always the best way to go. I have signed up to take an e-course on sponsored travel and applied for a master’s program for work.

Blog goals

  • Schedule – Last year I created a schedule for the blog, Mondays = Fashion Posts (or ideas), Tuesdays = Beauty Posts, Wednesday = Rest day or sponsored post, Thursday = Travel posts and Friday  = anything goes. The weekends were mostly put as days off, days to work on the posts for the week but starting February I am making a few changes. Monday will continue as Fashion posts/ideas, Tuesdays will now be Travel post days, Wednesday will be Beauty posts and Thursday to Sunday will be whatever is on my plate.
  • Schedule posts – As mentioned earlier, I run two blogs and I work full-time so I can not always do my blogs on the day and as most bloggers know inspiration can strict at any time so I write whenever and have to plan the posts. I mostly use my weekends to write posts and schedule them but I want to come up with a better schedule.
  • Improve monthly views – Like I said January has been a great month, my daily views are now average over 1000 views (about 600 visitors) which is awesome for me but I want to improve. We closed January with just under 17k views (over 8k visitors + 1.3k comments) my usual is 7K a month, this has been an achievement in its own and I would like to improve this if not double it.
  • Approach potential sponsors – Again January saw me earn just under a thousand pounds which is totally awesome and this was through PRs and a few companies reaching out directly to me. I want to improve the blog earnings and this time I want to start approaching potential sponsors that fit with my blog.
  • Improve social media followership – Having two blogs I decided Christmas Day last year to finally create social media for each blog so I decided to create  new social media for A July Dreamer = Instagram and Facebook. I will always use this Instagram and Facebook for this blog but mostly it will be for The Myrabev Life.

These are some of the goals I have for myself, for my blog/work and for my relationship. I do not usually make this many goals but today I feel I need to set them to help me in my relationship, improve myself and improve my work as well as blogs.

What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourself, your blog and your relationship?