{Favourites} Top 5 posts of February

As I mentioned to you in my January top 5 post, I had made a decision in December 2015 to investigate my blog every month and see what was working and what wasn’t. As bloggers we spend so much time trying to come up with content both from the heart and other  (e.g sponsored content) and whether you admit it or not we all love it when we get some views on our posts. If the post goes viral ( this is my standard 2.5k+ views) I do a little happy dance and I am not ashamed to admit it so it makes sense for me to see what you my readers have been loving and what is not working.

top 5 posts of February

During the month of February, the following top 5 posts made it on your radar and judging by the views I am sure you loved them as much as I did writing them. I do want to point out that just because I love to have good views does not mean I share my posts for views, No it means good views are part of the whole package of blogging. Fashion Monday

{Fashion Monday} The Day after, February being the love month and being on Sunday I decided to put together an outfit that still had some Valentine’s Day love in it but was not screaming I am too red. This had topped the charts on my views for the month of February and a great contender for the most viewed post so far in the year.

{Travel} Howto plan a 10hr bus ride to Amsterdam, I just returned from Amsterdam and it was lovely. I will say the bus ride was long (10 hours usually is) but it was a ride I am happy to do again not only to save on cost but because it was a nice adventure with my girls. I shared tips on how I was able to plan and book this weekend getaway 2 countries in 2 days and it only cost us £55 for all transportation (Bus to Amsterdam, bus to Brussels then flight back to London Heathrow). nutribuddy

{Lifestyle} Nutribuddy first impressions, I was sent the Nutribuddy to try out as part of my healthy weight-loss plan. I have seen some changes in my physic and I have lost some weight.

{Travel} Weekend getaway to Bratislava, one of the best spontaneous weekend getaways of the year so far. I decided to check out Bratislava in Slovakia when I was in Brno (Czech Republic) after seeing how beautiful Vienna (Austria) was I knew I couldn’t resist seeing this beautiful city. It was an experience I won’t be forgetting any time soon. airport transfer

{Travel} Solo traveler consider airport transfer, since my first weekend getaway in Eastern Europe I know I had to think of my safety first whenever I go away alone. Since then I have been booking airport transfers and private taxis to ensure that I am not wandering around in a foreign country where I do not speak the language and English is not widely spoken.

I am very happy that over 50% of the top 5 posts for February  are in the Travel category. I love traveling and I am adding more mileage to my passport. I feel like once I am married and have kids my travel will be less than what it is now (unless I follow my future hubby on all he’s business trip).