I would love to travel but

Finish this statement: I would love to travel but….?

I recently shared with you how I manage to travel so often and the answers I go where astonishing. Excusing those who are ill and financials do not really leave even some change for sweats I was astonished at how many people say they want to travel but….

I would love to travel but

I think most some of my readers and fellow bloggers are not truly seeing the reason why I shared how I manage to travel so often. I guess because all travels that I have shared have all been abroad, it has been giving off the illusion that travel only means going abroad I am here to correct that, it certainly DOESN’T. Let’s take the following scenarios and tell me which group you fall into and how you will change the thought process for your future travel plans.

Those living in the United States of America

America is a huge country with 50 states to its name, you can’t tell me you can not travel because it is expensive to fly abroad. Yes it is expensive but you’re limiting yourself by thinking traveling is all about going abroad. If I was to come to your city, what would you like me to see as a tourist? Do you have museums, farms, seaside (for some), local parks and many more places. You do not have to wait until the tickets to fly abroad are cheaper for you to go. If you really wanted to travel (and not just abroad) you would look at your priorities and look at what is stopping you from traveling.

For those in the UK

Europe as a whole is at your finger tips, I shared how to plan your trip to Amsterdam using the bus. Many said they can not sit for that long, flights are too expensive, or I wish I could do that. Do you see a common theme here, excuses. If you can’t compromise, you will never go anywhere, if you’re waiting for things to align or fall into place, well good luck to you. We are at such an advantage, if you sat down and researched how to get to any part of Europe you will find their multitude of ways you can do it. If getting on a 10hr bus ride is not for you, check the flights if too expensive check the trains and then choose one and compromise. If going abroad really isn’t something you can afford then look within the UK, it is a big enough with 3 countries to its name. I am sure we are all close to at least one of these 3 countries and if you’re in Northern Ireland you have another country close by.

Overcome the difficulties.

The thing about traveling is putting your excuses or obstacles aside and seeing what you can do and see with what you have. I was a student in debt with over £12k to my name, I spoke to the companies I owed and came up with an affordable repayment plan, I changed my way of living and of thinking. If I do not have it I do not spend it, I learned to compromise and I learned to do and work with little and be grateful for everything I have and what I do not yet have. Again there are people who are in situations 10 times worse than me but that has not stopped them, there are people who are so much better than me but they sit on their hands and only WISH, stop wishing and get to work. Be honest with yourself, is it the money, the kids, your illness, the distance or is it because you just say you want to travel but in all honesty you do not. Once you figure out what is what then you can either (1) pack the travel thoughts in and live through others or (2) make a change now and do something about it, take the kids to the local zoo, park, go karting, farms and many more places.

There are so many reasons why people can not travel so many and I am not talking about long vacations or anything along those lines. People have got their work, schools and other commitments. I am talking about that odd weekend or dependant on work schedule that day off. Use the weekends (like me) or your day off to go off exploring another town, city, country or your own town. 

Now to end my scolding, here are some of the quotes that have put traveling into perspective for me and made me realise why I want to travel more whenever I can.

In the end, we only REGRET chances we never took

Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

I want to make memories all over the world

Take every chance you get in life because somethings only happen once

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.