March Must Haves 

March Must Haves are items than I loving and not necessary what I or you need at this particular time. It has taken me a little longer than usual to compose this post as every time I started I would come up with another post idea so I would abandon this post. Today I have committed myself to finishing his post come what may.

march must haves

Sunglasses – well Spring is on its way and summer is not far off so it makes sense for me to add sunglasses to my must have list. I am loving these Here and Here.

Pumps – though I am still loving my new pumps from Butterfly Twists I am still looking for more pumps to fill my wardrobe. I have these (Here) from H&M and have had them for over a year and I don’t want them to die due to over wear so I am needing some more.

Watch – one thing I am ashamed to say I do not own is a wrist watch. The last one I had been the one boo got me for our 4th anniversary 4 years ago now. I am in desperate need of a new watch and I am loving these wood type of wrist watches found Here.

Skates – last summer boo took me skating whilst we were visiting he’s mum in Lithuania and since then I have been wanting to skate but I am scared out of my pants but like I have preached many times on the blog this shouldn’t stop one from trying new things. I saw some lovely skates on Proline and I am having fun checking out some different designs. This time I will be ready for our skating session with my own pair of skater blades.

Camera – 3 years into blogging and I am still using my iPhone as my camera for my post pictures and as much as I am loving my iPhone and won’t be giving it up any time soon I have my eye on a few camera’s that are on sale in different shops but I am yet to decide.

What are some of the items on your March must haves list? Anything interesting?