Travel Gadgets You Need

travel gadgets

Travel gadgets are a must these day not only for ease of travel but to catch up with the technologically advanced era we live in as well as for convenience reasons. I have been traveling alone for over a year now, and though I did not document it as much as I am documenting my travels now.  Every trip I have taken lately has made me realise there are some widgets which are a must have. I may not have wanted all these gadgets at once on any particular trip but I found myself wanting at least one of them occasionally and felt it would have made my travels better.

Hooded travel pillow – In the last few years I have gone through a few travel pillows and I have loved them except for the one provided on actual planes (excluding the United Airlines premier business class where they gave me a proper home style pillow and duvet). My current neck pillow has done a walk about, loved that pillow because I could shift it into either neck pillow or normal pillow (however small). Like I said I am traveling a lot lately and not having a travel pillow have really nagged me so when I stumbled upon this hoodie travel pillow I knew I had found what I was looking for. Now I will be cocooned and not need to worry about covering my head when sleeping on my travels.

Selfie stick – Hear me out but as a solo traveler I have come to appreciate the flippant gadget and I have my limits. I was the girl who was so against selfie sticks and in most respects I am. But now as a solo traveler and no one to take my pictures without fear of someone stealing my phone in foreign land I realised how much this flippant gadget and I can do for one another. I am not the type to ruin a perfect location because I want to stick my selfie up so I can fit in picture no, I am that “not so good at taking pictures” but considerate.

Travel Plug & Adapter  – The first time I traveled to Europe (main land) was when boo booked us our first holiday to Spain, I only remember the fun I had and nothing on how I managed to charge my phones and laptop but boo being European he was prepared. The first time alone in Europe was last year in Brussels and I didn’t have the converter Adapter but lucky the hotel provided. I have learnt since then that a universal Adapter is what you need and I have a few and can’t recommend them enough.

Portable charger – The first time I saw a portable charger was on our first trip to Scotland, boo had everything ready (as usual) and as luck would have it my phone died I started panicking and all he did was pulled out a portable charger. The concept baffled me but after that I always wanted one, 2015 I got to test out one which I loved big time, a couple of months later another company sent me another to review. Now ask me where both are and one is in Korea and one is somewhere in my sister’s home (she didn’t borrow she stole) so now I am in need specially with the many travels planned for this year.

Backpack – those who know me know I love my backpacks and though I have had some really disappointing ones in the past I am happy with the current one I picked up in the December sales. I am a solo traveler and mostly my travels are long weekends or just the weekends themselves so I do not have time to tag around a suite case hence its always nice when I learn about backpacks designed for travelers.

There you have it, these are the travel gadgets that I think every traveler should have especially for weekend getaways or mini vacations and/or staycations.

What are some of your favorites or must have items?

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