{Fashion Monday} How to get your closet ready for Spring

This might be considered too late for the planners but for some of us this is an ok time to start preparing the closet for spring. I always say that I am not Fashionista and that outfits I put together are what I love and usually wear for work or a day out (but not at home, you would be shocked if your saw me at home). My lovely readers keep reminding me that I have an eye for fashion and that not everyone can put together the outfits I put together and I am thankful they think that. With that in mind I thought I share you how I am getting my closet ready for spring.


Getting your closet ready for spring shouldn’t be too hard since its warming up and you’re packing away your winter woolies and putting in some light material closets and open shoes. But what is one to do when you reside in UK where the weather changes more times than you change your toilet rolls? So below is how I get my closet ready for spring without breaking the bank.

1. Empty your closet – this is a huge undertaking for some but if you’re like me it is not as every month you switch things around in your closet. Emptying your closet gives you a chance to see what you already have in your closet and what staple items you need to add to your closet.

2. Remove all winter coats and jackets – I don’t have that many winter coats and jackets and I try to keep these outside my closet so if you’re like me this step you can skip. Of all your winter coats and jackets pick one coat that can go with everything and same with the jacket, let those in the closet the rest pack them away for next winter.

3. Sort your pile – looking at the pile on the floor or bed, choose light items of clothing like summer dresses, jeans, shorts and summer tops. The rest if they do not fall in the category above then pack them away for next winter.

 4. Keep, chuck or replace– if you’re anything like me you have some spring/summer clothes items that you wear constantly. If these are still in good condition then keep, if not chuck and replace. Ensure you have the basics that you can wear anywhere and with anything. These include white tees, black tees, blue shorts, ripped and faded jeans and string tops with light cardigans for the chilly nights or the cool air during the day.

5. Does it fit – this is also something to check with all the pieces or item that have made it to the spring/summer closet. Yes last summer those shorts and tees fit you like a glove, this year it might not be the case so check if they fit and if not chuck and replace.

This is how I got my closet ready for Spring/Summer, how do you ready yours?