{Travel} Packing for a long trip

As I prepare for my trip to Korea this week, I thought I share with you some of the tips I use when packing for a long trip. Although 10 days is not exactly long (especially since I have been waiting for the last 4 months for it) it’s always nice to make sure you pack items that you will need and actually use whilst away from home. Most of us struggle with packing and when we do, we pack short of an entire house.

I am not claiming to have it down to a T but these tips have helped me in the last 2 years that I have been a solo traveler. 

how to pack for long trips
Items for the airport 

Everyone knows you need to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight and for most international flights add-on another hour for queuing to check in your bags. I pack the following items to keep me company whilst I wait for my flight.

  • Magazines and Books – there plenty of magazines and books that you can pick up at the airport but I prefer to get magazines before I get to the airport because it’s always cheaper. As for books I prefer electronic to paper so I always buy a couple in advance.
  • Snacks – you’re limited to what you can have when passing security so I pack protein bars, biscuits and crisps as I know how extortionate expensive snacks are at the airport especially past security.
  • Drinks – I take two (empty) bottles with me when passing security because if you have drinks they make you throw them away. Since past security there is always somewhere to get water you can fill it up there.
  • Chargers and adapters  – having so many devices I have to ensure I have my chargers include portable ones for my phone and adapters for my laptop.
  • Headphones and music – I don’t have sound blocking headphones which are useful on the flight but normal ones do just fine at the airport.
  • Laptop & tablet – I always carry my laptop and tablet, my laptop for blogging and my tablet for watching movies or completing threads

Items for your holiday

I am going for 10 days, 2 days will be spent flying since it’s an 18hr flight each way and the rest will be spent exploring, eating and clubbing. I also know the weather in Seoul is pretty warm so it gives me an idea of what to carry.

  • Shorts (4)& jeans (2) – I  recently shared in my keep your woolies post that jeans are your friends and work for all-weather types. The U.K. is cold but Seoul is warm so I will be leaving in jeans and arriving in shorts (will change in Shanghai or during the flight). Since the flight is long, I will be wearing loose jeans. No point wearing tight jeans that will cut me in half when I bloat on the plane.
  • Shirts (2) & Tops (6) – I love packing a shirt or two for my long trips mostly to wear on the plane as it can get cold up there in the clouds. The tops I pack are mostly summer tops because I know my destination will be hot.
  • Shirts (2) and dresses (3) – As I have mentioned, I will spend my evenings clubbing and my days exploring. For the clubbing I am mostly in skirts or shorts and for exploring mostly in dresses.
  • Shoes – with shoes I pack canvas because they look cute whether at night or during the day and can play the trainer role quite nicely. I also pack some pumps as I love wearing my flats everywhere.
  • Accessories – glasses are at the form front of my accessories but now and again I like to carry a few of my favourite earrings, rings and necklace but when I am too hot I hate wearing accessories except for glasses.

Things like sunscreen, body lotions, face products I am excluding from this list as I am expecting them to be part of your carry on bag.

Now that I am all packed, I am ready for my flight and eager to arrive at my destination. What are some of your tips for packing for a long flight? What do you always include?