Get your arms legs and feet ready for summer 

Can I just say, hey!! How you doing?? (Saying it in joey’s voice from friends). 

I am so happy to say get your arms legs and feet ready for summer since the weather has been incredibly awesome, even though it has rained (as per usual British weather) it has not necessary been cold. I read on the news the other night that we should get some amazing weather in the next 3 months which if we did would be totally awesome but even if it wasn’t the entire 3 months just a month I think every British person alive and dead would be in awe and for the alive we will enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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With that being said, I thought what better time to get your arms legs and feet ready for summer than now? I mean you don’t want to wake up one morning running late and only to realise what kind of weather (insert summer) we having and you have chosen to wear a skirt or shorts only to realise you didn’t shave your legs (ladies) and the hair has grown so much you don’t feel the cold anymore (😂😂😂😂). So to stop that from happening I thought I share with you some of the items you can use to get your arms legs and feet ready for summer.

Get you Arms Legs and Feet ready for Summer

Arms (pits) – I have tried a number of roll on products over the years and I have come to love Dove as my #1 product but this year I have been experimenting with Simple’s soothing roll on and it has been awesome and kept me feeling fresh all day long. Everyone loves the Simple brand because they are experts in sensitive skin so you can trust their products.

Feet – I was very happy when I got chosen to try out the Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File  via BzzAgent. This rechargeable foot filed works both on wet (in shower) and dry skin. I charged the foot filer once and used it for 2 weeks and it still had power.

Feet – after treating my feet to a nice relaxing foot file at home I finished it off with application of the Scholl cracked heel repair cream. The cream is thick but leaves your feet feeling very smooth and they look healthy  and shiny.

Legs (Shave or Wax) – I am more of a shaver than a waxer because I can stand the pain. I have tried some almost painless waxing but for me any pain is never a good idea hence why I am sticking to shaving.

Now that you’ve taken the time to get your arms legs and feet ready for summer, why not also parade some leg in some lovely shorts paring with a summer top and strutting in everyday heels. If you’re like me then you need some Scholl everyday heels insole which are amazing and have helped my duck feet feel steady in heels after years of not wearing any.

So there you have it, how to get your arms legs and feet ready for summer. How are you preparing for summer? What products do you like to use?

*This is not a sponsored post, I just love the products*

  • I have that scholl pedi device and it works wonders! Giving my feet a quick once around every other day keeps them feeling lovely and soft 🙂

    • It truly does work wonders

  • I quite like the Veet ready wax strips if I have the time. Otherwise shaving it is!

    • Same here though waxing is not my favourite lol

  • I have experienced this recently with the nicer weather, I am so busy being a mummy and blogging that I haven’t had a good pamper sesh for a while! X X

    • You mummies are doing the best job ever so when you find that spare minute then awesome otherwise I have no tips lol

  • Scholl foot file is rather good. I’ve bought it last year and will keep using it this summer too.

  • Ali

    I desperately need a pedicure – my feet aren’t summer ready at all!

    • Awww bless, grab a Scholl dry/wet foot file its amazing

  • I love posts like this as I’m always wanting to keep my beauty routine on point, especially for summer xxx

  • I think I might need to start to loose some weight to actually be able to show arm legs and feet this summer! Lol..But I always like to exfoliate my body, which I think is a good way to prepare it for a nice weather 😉

    • Absolutely, exfoliating is the best

  • I honestly don’t think I can be bothered to shave this year!

  • I think it is about time we get ready I hear the weather is going to improve. Need to get a foot file now, thnaks x

  • nicol

    I’m really lazy when it comes to foot care! i moisturise them every now and again when they need to haha. i definitely need to get them ready for summer

    • Hahahaha I know what you mean

  • I am on project ‘sort out feet’ for the summer, I cannot wait to wear my flip flops x

    • That sounds like a nice project

  • I have the scholl dead skin remover and its amazing – do need to invest in the cream too though

    • Scholl products have tried so far have been awesome

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    I’d love one of those foot files. I’ve recently found a new foot cream that’s doing wonders for my feet.

    • I am loving my foot filer it’s amazing

  • This is definitely a good time to prepare! I’m hoping to spend lots of time at the beach.

    • I am hoping to do the same

  • I have seen these products before and could do with some pumice stone or a roller thing to get rid of dry skin etc. I juts bought a foot scrub and am looking forward to using it. It is peppermint!

    • Oooh I love peppermint too enjoy

  • I totally need to get my feet summer ready they have been hidden away in boots far too long x

    • Get right on it girl summer is looking promising

  • I need the heel repair cream so badly at the moment! I prefer to shave my legs too, usually just use soap bar and a razor but I have used Veet before though but it has been a bit hit and miss, sometimes it works wonders and other times you can’t even tell I’ve used it!

    • Yea I have had same experience with some products were they are a hit and sometimes a miss

  • I have got to start sorting my legs out for the summer, great post.

  • Lovely picks. I’m hoping to get chance to pamper my legs so that I can enjoy confidence in my pretty summer dresses 🙂

    • I am right there with you

  • I need this stuff in my life, my eczema is always bad on my legs so I find it hard to shave them *sobs*. Veet has always been a firm fave of mine! xx

    • Awww bless you, I hope veet continues to be hot fave

  • I have got my legs summer ready. Looking forward to more sunshine.

    • That’s good and I hope summer behaves so we can enjoy it

  • Definitely the worst part of the summer… Having to shave your legs every day….hahaha

    • Hahaha everyday!!! Girl 🙈

    Great post. Great products.

  • Jessica McDonnell

    Great post. I love being able to pamper myself a little bit more in the summer and get my legs out, it is a bit of a hassle at times though.

    • It can be a hassle but once done then peace is ensured lol

  • I have my second laser hair removal appointment next week so I am hoping that sorts out my pits. Because I go to aqua every week my legs are usually summer ready all year fortunately x

    • That’s good having the summer ready all year round

  • you know , i really loe this part fot he year and for some reason my lgs get more attention ,maybe its becasue they seem to see more sun than they would throughout the rest of the year , well hopefully

    • I know right it’s the same for me

  • I love summer, but the part I don’t like is having to de-hair my legs haha

    • Hahahah I love that de-hair not shave lol

  • Definitely thinking about prepping for summer now. I’ve been making sure I exfoliate and moisturise, now to tackle the feet! I have a micro pedi which works wonders on the balls of my feet!

    • I would like to try a micro pedi one day but the foot filer is doing such an amazing job already

  • The foot file sounds exactly what I need – my feet are disgusting after years in flipflops!

    • Awww bless you should get the foot file its amazing

  • These look like great products. Love Summer 🙂 I use the Simple roll on it is great, isn’t it! Going to have a love for the Veet cream now, thanks 🙂

    • Yes the simple roll on is awesome

  • Oh to have the time to do all this again! Since having my girls it’s a quick shave in shower

    • Awww bless I can’t even imagine the struggle