Birthday Wishlist ~ Last of the 20s


Me: So yeah, about that I am gonna have to decline your offer because I don’t want to leave the 20s

Time: Unfortunately time doesn’t exactly work that way, so madam we kindly ask you to step to the left into the ‘last of the 20s line’ please.

Me: Respectfully Mr. Time giver you will have to forgive me because I won’t be moving over quietly as I have worked too damn hard these last 9 years for someone to come and tell me I should be preparing myself to move to the “Last of the 20s” line.

Time: Fine, you have <44 days and counting to get yourself ready to be moved over to the Last of the 20s line.


That was me negotiating my time with Mr time giver”. You see I will soon be 29 and though age has never really bothered me it miraculously started to this year. I don’t know what happened but one day I wake up to find 90% of my friends are all married and with kids or just kids no marriage but that’s not the point. The point is, I thought I would be one of them by now. I know what you’re gonna say and I agree with you “everything in its own time“. I do not regret my life, I love my life, the spontaneous side of it is great. I can wake up one day and decided to go somewhere without must planning or consulting anyone. But once all the traveling and spontaneous nature of it dies down, you find it’s just me enjoying my own company either blogging or watching telly or my #1 favourite sleeping.

Now that I have that off my chest, here is what I am thinking the last of the 20s should be like starting with my birthday wishlist. 

Last of the 20s

More traveling – last week I decided to book a trip to Paris and I am currently planning my itinerary which I hope to share on the blog soon. I am hoping to visit Copenhagen, Lisbon and Budapest during the summer.

Experience Days – last year I got gifted some ‘reach points’ at work which you can convert into either money or gift cards and I choose experience day gift cards and gave to my brother and he’s wife. They went to a chocolate making school obviously I was jealous since I love chocolate but for my experience day I want to go on a hot air balloon ride.

Staycation – I travel abroad all the time, sometimes twice a month but not once have I had a Staycation in the UK in the last 4 years and I thought it was about time. I am going to save up for a fancy schmancy hotel and spend the weekend there.

Car – an expensive wishlist I know but I am more serious than ever about starting to drive this year and owning my own car. I have to redo my theory test because the last one expired and then I need to book my practical test for July/August this year. I wanted to do it all before my birthday in July but it doesn’t look like it will be happening.

New Wardrobe – I know I do spontaneous shopping here and there but I was rearranging my closet and realised I no longer have good pieces of clothing for work. Everything I have (except Blazers) I wear outside work too and that won’t fly. So I have decided to save up and get a proper wardrobe for work.

Growing up has made me appreciate the little things in life, things which at one point didn’t see like much but now looking back I am grateful for those little things that made the difference.