{Lifestyle} A care package for work

I thought of putting together a care package for work, now I am being all selfish here. I was not thinking of anyone in particular because at the time of plotting this idea I was stuck at my own desk and realised I needed a care package for work and since no one is in a hurry to make me one, I am doing it myself.

Why wait for someone to do something you can do yourself if not better, this is my motto for this post. #teamselflove #idoitbetteranyway 

A care package for work

What to include in a care package for work (for you)

  • Tea – though we buy lots of tea at work, I have certain teas at home that I like. So instead of drinking work tea I can bring in my own.
  • Healthy snacks – if you came to my house or saw my desk you would send me for a quick diabetic check as I have too many unhealthy snacks but recently I took some healthy protein bars to work, difficulty is choosing them over chocolate.
  • Tissues – I seem to be using a lot of tea these day especially with the change in weather and my sneezing (I still refuse to think I have allergies). People at work are noticing how fast boxes of tissues are disappearing so I need to bring my own.
  • Pain killers – those who know me know my PMS is no joke, I literally crawl the walls when it’s that time but I have recently been introduced to some hydrocodeine based pain killers and hallelujah the pain is almost manageable now so makes sense to stock up and keep in all places. I don’t use NSAIDs that much when I have headaches or other aches as I prefer to walk it off or drink some water.
  • Vitamins – I am one of those people who are good at forgetting to take my vitamins (just make them chocolate and I won’t forget) so bringing them with me and having sticky notes around my desk to remind me will help loads.

I am not going to be totally be selling fish today because I am also putting together a care package for work for my sister whose just started a new job. So far I have the following but stuck on what else to include for artistic people like her:

  • Notebooks – her role has some administrative task so what better way to capture all the need to know of the job than on a cute notebook
  • Stationery – obviously companies provide these already but it doesn’t hate to add a few personalised ones to the list
  • Desk organiser – though I only have a stationery organiser I think a desk organiser just makes the desk look cute and smart especially for companies where its hot desks only or clear desk policy.

The idea of care packages is something I have always loved but been too lazy to put one together and even when I do they do not come out as cute as other people’s (I am not comparing just stating the obvious) care packages. Help me think of things to include in my sister’s care package for work.

Do you like putting together care pages or receiving them?

What do you think I should add to my sister’s one?