May Must Haves 

Another month has gone and another has come! I am still in shock to think we’ve passed mid May already. So much has happened in the last 20+ days and yet it feels like I have not done anything at all. I was in Seoul for the first 9 days of the month, I spent majority of my time clubbing, drinking and eating the lovely Korean foods and to return back home to find an empty fridge was a bit of a downer.

may must haves

As always with my must haves, I list things that I want, I am liking or I will need in the near future. For the May Must Haves (actually more must do) list, I am thinking of more detox, dieting, chilling and relaxing. I probably should be adding things like exercising gear (see picture), sunscreen, sunglasses and stuff but looking outside its raining so definitely nothing sunshine related needed right now and as for exercising gear…ya well good luck with that. I am a realist!!! I laugh in the face of…. too many movie quotes lol

May Must Haves - Gym

May Must Haves (DO)

Detox – with the amount of alcohol I consumed in the 10+ days I was in Seoul I am definitely in need of some proper detox. You will remember I shared the Skinny Teatox 14 day morning tea that I tried out a couple of months back and the 28 day tiny teatox which I also tried a few months back. I thought since I am overly bloated beer belly and I still have some of the teatox left, why not use it to my advantage and cleanse my insides for the moment.

Dieting – Koreans have impeccable and delicious tasting foods it’s a crime to go over and not indulge in the Korean BBQ, the many Korean Stews, some Shabu Shabu (Japanese I know but I first ate it in Korea) and not forgetting my favourite fried chicken feet and blood sausages. It’s enough to make one go on a diet after such a feast. I am not good with extreme diets so I thought I try out Acai Berry food supplements in my smoothies as a way to boast my intake of good nutrients. I also have left over matcha powder, shakeology and Nutribuddy to mix up the smoothie flavours plus if all fail I could always try Forza again.

Chilling and Relaxing – I talked about making an effort this month to have some ‘me-time’  in my May goals and I have been practicing that effortlessly. I came back 2 Monday’s ago from Seoul, I had to re-adjust to the time zone so I made a point of working from home and taking some time to myself to just relax. Obviously I did my required 7.5hrs but working from home meant I didn’t have to travel outside my home before I could relax. I just finished work and switched off completely unplugging my phones, laptops and other gadgets and just stared into the unknown.

As I have mentioned before, my Must Haves lists are not your typical structured lists. I go with what I like and the May Must Haves list is no exception.

What is on your May Must Haves (or must do) list?