Mini Beauty Haul

Whilst in Korea for my first long holiday abroad I managed to take the plunge a do a mini beauty haul. I don’t normally do beauty hauls because I have had the good fortune to be sent some really awesome products that have opened my eyes to what I can do for my skin. Currently I have no need to buy new beauty products (excluding the Korea skin care products which are world renewed) because I am trying to get through the ones I have been sent.

With all that being said I was in the land of b est skincare products you can ever think of, Koreans have creams for every part of your body and I mean every part so I decided to make good us of my time there and pick up a couple of items. The items I am sharing are those that I have been trying out and have love immensely.


Too cool for school

Ziukoza Eye & Lip remover (similar): I am not one for wearing makeup and I only do it occasionally, but when I saw this in the shop I had to get it because I wear lipstick daily and I struggle with removing the stain as majority of my lipsticks has strong long-lasting stains. When I first used it I was surprised that it contains oils which leave your lips oiled and shiny. I had thought it would leave it dry like how most nail varnish remover do. I love it and been using it daily so highly recommended.

Oil control primer – I was complaining to a friend who lives in korea about how I can’t seem to shake the oiliness whenever I wear makeup which is obviously rare but I wanted to rid of the oiliness and she suggested I try the too cool for school’s oil control primer which is creamy and absorbs quite quickly. So far I had noticed it had reduced my oiliness when I wear makeup which is amazing.

The Face Shop

Pomegranate Grenade Mask: I have never been one to wear masks, I didn’t really know much about masks so I always thought they were pointless and never appreciated their value until I went to Korea. There are so many masks there, every shop I had gone to in Myeong Dong and bought something jam-packed you bag(s) with goodies and 90% of the goodies were face masks. I love these sheet masks and use them every other day or when I need a self pampering session. The pomegranate mask sheet have elasticity and vitality rich in pomegranate essence which contains vitamins B1/2 and other minerals that gives skin moist elasticity and clear vitality.

Face Cream & Essence(s): I was never familiar with essence before so it was a nice surprise to try it for the first time in Korea and now I can’t get enough of them. The last shop I went to whilst in Korea was too cool for school and they had many of the Face shop samples to give out. As I have mentioned above Korean beauty shops jam pack on the samples and I have enough stock to last the summer but now I have a store to by them from if I need more. The texture of both the cream and the essence

With all the love that I am having for some of these products it makes sense that I would be looking for ways to buy them here in the UK or find a website that stocks and sells them, so imagine my surprise when I learned there actually a Fashion & Beauty store called Yesstyle, and they have every one of my favourite Korean products. Now I don’t have to wait for my annual visit to Korea to buy these products, I can buy them from the comfort of my own home. The website is nicely designed and easy to navigate, I have stumbled upon bucket load of deals and offers (I might already have an online bag full…oops). Though it is described as a Fashion and Beauty online store it has more than that and I have spent the best part of my evening  perusing the site.

What are some of your favourite items from my mini beauty haul? Have you ever tried Korean beauty products before?