Brexit: The Misconception 

I am sure the entire world had heard the shocking and historical news that over 50% of Britons (of those who voted that is) has chosen to leave the EU (European Union) to the shock and dismay of many. It is so shocking it has literally split the kingdom in half so much that many are now calling for a second referendum. Before we get into whether the UK has made a mistake or not for choosing to leave the EU, let us look at some of the Brexit misconception that I think has led to many voting to leave the EU than to stay.

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Brexit Misconceptions

The following three are some of the misconceptions have seen and heard from people around me and also read up in the media.

Effective immediately

The media alongside some politicians made the public think and believe that the choosing to leave the EU (aka Brexit) was going to be effective immediately and somehow some people have taken it to mean it’s now ok and legal to be racist and chanting shouting racists comments to foreigners (born/bred here or not) so long as you’re not white British then insults follow you. I personally I am sad at the prospect of the U.K. leaving the EU but I have my own reasons for that. According to article 50 of the European Union, it can take up to 2 years or with special provisions up to 5 years for the UK to completely leave the EU but the process begins once the UK leader notifies Brussels of its intention to leave the EU, in our case this is expected to be October 2016 the earliest.

Immigration control 

Again the media and some political parties had spread rumours that if we left the EU we would have more control on immigration. This in my opinion is both true and false, let me explain. True – being part of the EU, each member states has an obligation to provide safe passage to refugees BUT just because they have an obligation doesn’t mean they all take in the refugees as the recent crisis has shown. Not all member states welcomed refugees and those who did are regretting it to an extent ‘Cologne being a prime example’. False – leaving the EU doesn’t necessary mean we can have tighter control of our immigration is we are part of the United Nations and that too brings a whole load of human rights and providing shelter and safe passage for refugees and asylum seekers so you see we are not exactly free from it. Yes we can cap how many people come in very year but when there is a crisis as part of the United Nations we can not simply say no we can’t take on refugees instead we can only say we will help with this much.

Financial  Stability

It was reported that we pay over £350 million to the EU, some politicians promised that we should instead inject that money into our NHS (national health service). Those who watched the news saw Nigel Farage claim it was a mistake to say that the £350 million should be injected into the NHS. The reason financial stability won’t be arriving anytime soon is (1) no one knows what the pound is worth, (2) All businesses and projects that received support from the EU will now need to get this from the government and if they don’t most will be closed, or be moved to other countries this alone will lead to many job losses adding to the already overwhelming number of job seekers.

There are many more Brexit misconceptions currently going on and being circulated in the media and it is just so unfortunate that some people are believing these lies. Part of me wants the UK to leave the EU so we can give it a go at being independent so people can see it for themselves what it really means not to be part of the EU from jobs, travel to trading. Another part of me wants the house of commons to ignore the vote and veto it so we can still remain the EU because so many companies and services in the UK survive solely on the support from the EU and if you take that aware so many will suffer because the government won’t be replacing those funds immediately.

So that’s my two cents on the current referendum results, what are your thoughts?


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