Explore & Glamp in  Slovenia with Bigberry ~ Day 1

It’s the night before the Brexit vote, I finish work and heard to London Luton Airport for my early morning flight to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Spending the night at the airport was not fun but what awaited me upon arrival in Ljubljana would make the most uncomfortable sleep at the airport an afterthought for at the Bigberry campsite awaited me the most comfortable and glamorous camping accommodations ever.


Bled Castle Ticket, Slovenia

Ticket to enter Bled Castle

Bled, Slovenia

The view from Bled Castle facing Lake Bled

Bled, Slovenia

The view from on top the Bled Castle

I arrived at Ljubljana airport and Bigberry is there ready to pick me up. At this time I didn’t know the plan was to tour Bled lake and Castle then hike up the Vintgar Gorge, before finally visiting Ljubljana the city with visit Ljubljana tourist information. Though Bigberry had organised a calendar of what tours and visits they were planning to show their guests, I hadn’t really had a chance to absorb the information has it had been an incredibly busy week.


From Ljubljana airport we drove to Bled Castle, though I had been to Ljubljana before I had not yet ventured out to Bled to visit the Castle, hiking up it to get a bird’s-eye view of the lake and surrounds was such an incredible opportunity. The view was absolutely spectacular, there was so much green in the area it was easy to see why Slovenia is considered the green capital of Europe. Everywhere I looked there were amazing views that blew my mind. Bled Castle is a definite must see part of Slovenia, there is so much on offer for all ages. There are restaurants and cafes to cater for all, museums, souvenir shops and a workshop to teach the kids (and adults alike) about the older ages. 

Bled Castle, Slovenia

Inside remnants of a church in Bled Castle

Bled Castle, Slovenia

Early Slovenian Settlers

 Leaving Bled Castle behind us we visited a local cafe to try out the local Slovenian cake called Kremna Rezina before we embarked on the hike that awaited us. The heat was blasting through the skies and they were no clouds to shield us from 32 degrees of sunlight but we forged ahead and went to the Vintgar Gorge driven with the energy from the Slovenian cake. Unlike Bled castle and lake Bled, I hadn’t heard of Vintgar Gorged until we arrived there and I was being told how beautiful the place is and what an amazing place to hike (my brain switched off at the mention of hiking).

Bigberry paid for the tickets and sent us bloggers on our way to explore the gorge. Every tired step I took I felt rejuvenated and so relaxed it was unbelievable. I thought to myself, I could live here, I could get used to this kind of lifestyle. Mother Nature in her prime, the green scenery everywhere you looked, the flow of water calming to my ears, even the insects and bugs as well as the mini falls within the gorge were too amazing to miss out on the feeling and the detail. We stood for a good minute just taking it all in and appreciating what God’s gift Slovenia truly is. If there is one place in Slovenia I would recommend to visit, it would be the Vintgar gorge.

Vintgar Gorge had revitalised the otherwise tired me, I felt the pain of being busy all week then hiking up and down the gorge, plus the hike up Bled castle in my bones. All of this was somehow cured or maybe just moved to the back of my mind as I was now feeling fresh and ready to see what else Slovenia could offer. The drive between the airport, to Bled Castle, then to Vintgar Gorge and finally to Ljubljana city was the most liberating of them all. I got to rest for a moment but also took in the sites of Slovenia.

As I have mentioned above, I had been to Ljubljana before in fact it was last December (2015) that I went there and it triggered the traveling bug and exploring Europe as been my greatest joy. Ljubljana made me see Europe in a whole new light so much that it triggered my participation in the #take12trips travel challenge. When we arrived in Ljubljana, we met up and around with our tour guide for the evening.


When I visited I explored one side of the city, mostly the market place then the Castle before stumbling upon an Italian girl whom I became friends with and hope to see some day soon. During the recent tour of Ljubljana, I got to see the side of the city that I didn’t see last time. One particular thing that stood out for me during the tour was the Dragon Bridge also called the mother-in-law bridge. There is so much history screaming to be heard and spoken off in Ljubljana, yet there is also that slow paced feel like you can take all the time in the world whilst here and get rest and rejuvenated reinforced with the energy to take on the world again.The day ended with visit to where Ghee is made before heading to the Bigberry campsite. Day 2 will give in detail on my opinion of the Bigberry campsite and the activities that awaited us.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana

Stayed tuned for me glamping fun, Slovenia’s best and why you should experience Bigberry is the first Slovenian Lifestyle resort where there is luxury of freedom.

*Thank you Bigberry for organise this trip, all opinions, experiences and images shared are my own*