{Fashion Monday} Glamping Fashion Capsule

Have you ever been glamping or ever considered glamping for a vacation before? Well I hadn’t been but always wanted to and was rather happy when I was chosen among other bloggers to head off to Slovenia and experience glamping at Bigberry Camp in Primostek near the border with Croatia.Those who know me, know how much traveling I do and to give you an example, I have been away every weekend this month and last week Thursday I left for Slovenia to return yesterday (sunday) night then I am off again this coming weekend to Dublin, Ireland. Always been on the move has allowed me to create a sort of glamping fashion capsule, one which is easy to assemble and one which I can change-up to match my needs and the weather.


The Kolpa river, the left side is Croatia and the right side is Slovenia.


Glamping Fashion Capsule



Four Days before heading to Slovenia, I was in Paris and I shared my Disney inspired outfit which I am glad most of you loved. I love sharing outfit ideas that are easy to put together so this glamping fashion capsule is such, easy peasy and anyone can pull it off.

The weather in Europe is rather warm, Paris certainly had warmer days than cold and Slovenia had blasting days of sunshine it was hard to wear anything other than shorts so it was a good thing the mobile homes at Bigberry camp were well conditioned and ventilated.

Glamping Fashion Capsule

A few days before I left for Bigberry camp, I checked the weather and it predicted highs on 31 and lows of 19/20 which is super hot compared to the wretched british weather. Knowing the weather I decided to pack 4 pairs of shorts since I was going for 4 days, 1 pair of skinny jeans (in case the weather changed), a pair of canvas (for hiking and canoeing), pair of sandals ( to go with all the outfit ideas) and flip-flops (for when it was too cool for shoes). Then to finish off the glamping fashion capsule I added in one blouse and one t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, bikini suit, crossbody bag and backpack. I was set for what would become the best 4 days of my life so far in 2016 and I can not wait to head back to Bigberry in the future.

I had such a wonderful time in Slovenia, I can not wait to share with you all my experience with Bigberry and their first lifestyle resort glamping site in Slovenia.