5 types of summer wardrobe essentials

Summer is here, the favourite season for people who love clothes! There is so much to do with your wardrobe in summer. You can play dress-up all day with the expanse of colours in your wardrobe. You can add ten looks to a simple white dress using makeup, scarves, nail paints and other accessories. Summer gives you a chance to exercise your creativity!

Summer are style friendly and comfort friendly and the best kind of cloth would be a dress. Dresses are fancy, quirky, comfortable, easy, sexy and simply incredible choice for all times.

We all have a bundle of dresses for women in our wardrobe, but the problem arises when we don’t want to experiment. Often we soothe ourselves with the tried and tested ways through which we can quickly drape the dress, get ready and go ahead with our plans.

For those lazy  fashionable chicks ladies, we have sorted out five essential dresses and the most suitable accessories that go well with those dresses.

  • The Mad Maxi

Maxis should be on the rim of must haves in your bucket list of the essential summer outfits. Why? Because Maxi Dresses are comfy yet sexy! And what else do you need in summer?

Style it with: Maroon.

Maxis look best when they are mono-hued. The best color to choose is either black or a white. Add maroon lipstick, maroon colored jewels in your ears and finish with maroon heels.

maxi dress


  • Printed Wonder

Printed Dresses are in trend and would always be. They are an evergreen fashion. In summer, a mid length printed dress works quite well for a cool fashionista look. And the best part about prints is that they are body flattering so they look good on all body types.

printed dress

Style it with: Tote & Retro sunglasses.

If the dress is colourful, you ought to minimize the vibrancy with a leather tote. And to add more glamour to it you should carry a sexy pair of retro sunglasses.


  • Our Darling Denim Dress

Denims are the new black! There was a time when an LBD did everything for your style. But today, it is the bright blue denim dress that has taken its place. They are easy to carry and do all the essential duties of heightening your style quotient.

Style it with: White sneakers

White sneakers would add a sporty diva look to your personality. For a change, you must try this pop star like look to showcase the world your bold and eccentric side.

denim dressImage: source

  • A Little Floral Dress

Bored with denim and trousers? Looking for an outfit that is a more hospitable and congenial option? A little floral dress is just the right thing for you. It is a must have for every girl who likes colours in her life. And a floral print dress is not just about colours but also about giving the feminine quality to your overall look.

Style it with: Ballerinas

Shades like red, pink, purple, maroon, orange, plum, beige are just the right option to team up with a ballerina. Style your floral dress with these pretty things.

  • My Midi Dress

Middle length, the ‘Midis’ are sweet. Middle length, the ‘Midis’ are pretty. They are the quintessential girlie thing. Every girl swears by a Midi. It’s because she can wear it anywhere, from the local market to a mall, from her office to a movie hall. A Midi dress is so accommodating. Plus, Midis are made in such a way that they look pretty on an ectomorph as well as an endomorph.

Style it with: Colourful scarves

Midis are often simple. And adding a colourful funky matching scarf will add colours and sexy appeal to the overall look.

Make the most of the summer with these wardrobe essentials and play around freely! Just a handful of accessories and you will rock the summers with your diva look.