{Fashion Monday} Embrace the Heels

Embrace the heels! Hmmm, really? Yes really and why because heels adds to your already existing sexiness. But not all of us like wearing heels so how can one learn to embrace the heels? Well simples, just wear block heels and you’re sorted. Honestly that’s it, because most of us think heels, stilettos to be exact are the only slim death contraptions that some man designed to screw us over.

No! those are not the only heels that can (1) stand out (2) make your look even more sexy and (3) the only ones that can be considered as heels.


Embrace the heels

When I was at university, a little over 3 years ago now, I never wore anything less than 4 inch heels when going out. I love(d) my heels and I wasn’t going to compromise. Fast forward to today and I feel like my death contraptions are plotting to kill me because even the thought of wearing heels make me mentally tired so I stopped wearing them. That’s until my mum reminded me stilettos heels are not the only heels one can wear. I went home, check my closet and found I have a few block heels that I never even worn.

Embrace the Heels. 

There is no time like the present to start something new, so yesterday I decided to go to Swindon for church and thought what better way to start retraining myself to embrace the heels than to wear them to church and then to lunch/shopping in Oxford with my sister. I won’t lie and say they didn’t start to hurt after 4 hours because they did but if I think about it, I spent over 4 hours wearing heels. That’s an achievement on its own and I am glad I have started to slowly embrace the heels and hope to continue.

I paired my block heels with ripped jeans and simple top and had minimal jewellery as it’s summer and I don’t like to overdo it.

Ladies, how do you feel about wearing heels? Are you up to try and embrace the heels? When was the last time you wore heels?