Monthly July 2016 Goals

The month that I was both excited and dreading to arrive has arrived. I am excited because this month is my birthday month and also my blogaversary month too. Whilst my blog will be turning a mere 3 years old, I will on the other hand be turning 29 😳😩🙄. I have shared before my feelings towards turning 29 and feeling as though I am not accomplished yet.

Academically I can always improve, financially I can always improve and mentally I can definitely improve but these are things that I have reached what I consider level 1 of success so success I have experienced but now aiming higher. The one thing I feel unaccomplished in is being settled down with a husband and 2.5 kids (😂😂🙈) but I have also come to realise that things will happen in their own time. I should stop hoping that, that time will be before I am a certain age.

July 2016 goals
Yes I am human and will always think of this but I am learning the beauty of letting go and enjoying the present as that’s all I have and that’s all I can control. With that being said, I want to share some of the July 2016 goals I have planned for this month. As usual before that can happen, we have to recap of the goals I made last month and review to see what I managed to accomplish and what I will be moving forward to July 2016 goals.


  • Car Theory Test – Since I didn’t pass my test last month, I want to re-try but this time prepare fully and then going to take the test. FAIL
  • Blog improvements – This one is an ongoing goal, I want to put in more effort into my blog but I need remember this is my hobby which I work really hard for and should not overtake my take job. FAIL
  • Holiday – Most people know I am participating in the #take12trips travel challenge and though I have not planned anything for August I am hoping to book Dublin for July and hopefully Budapest too. PARTIAL PASS, I just returned from Dublin but not booked Budapest yet.
  • Schedule posts – I have been slacking lately and I need to wake up and change the scenery here. I want to use my free weekend this month and schedule blogs for the month. FAIL.

July 2016 Goals

  • Improve organisation skills – I have been lacking in this department for most of last month and a bit the month before. I somehow can’t seem to get organised enough. I used to have a process, a routine if you like, but somehow that got thrown to the waste side and now I am drowning in commitments. I need a new strategy to work on this both personally and otherwise
  • Plan and schedule – this goes in line with the above. My blogging life is suffering which in turn is starting to affect my work life and that can not continue to happen. I need to go back to utilising one weekend a month to seat, brainstorm and schedule the usual weekly posts and only use daily for urgent posts.
  • Social media detox – I have not done this in a while and I need to unplug at least one day a week. It’s hard since I spend almost 10+ hours online but I need to cut myself off after work or use one Saturday and not be online for anything.
  • Declutter: Home and Closet – I aim to declutter my closet every 6 weeks but I forgot to do it since January so I am in need of a good decluttering session.
  • Grad School – I am headed back to university (part-time) this September and I need to allocate some time this month to prepare the documentation and finances ready for September.
  • Celebrate – as mentioned above, this month is very special I will be celebrating my 29th birthday (7th)and my 3rd blogaversary (8th). I am not doing anything special but it would be nice to celebrate it even if it’s alone in my apartment with a glass of the good stuff.

And these are my July 2016 goals. 2016 so far has been such a crazy year and I hope the rest of the month and year are a lot more calmer.

What are some of your goals?

Do you set weekly, monthly or yearly goals? How you doing so far?