{Travel} An afternoon in Castle Combe

Last Saturday I had the good fortune of escorting a friend shopping in Bristol. After going round the shopping centre and a few quid spent, we decided to head home. On our way home, he mentioned Castle Combe. I had personally never heard of it nor had I even considered visiting this place but apparently it’s really famous. Think Steven Spielberg’s War Horse and Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice and Emma were filmed here. Since I love a good dose of Jane Austin, I knew I wanted to visit this place and have a look-see for myself. 

If I was to summarise the afternoon we spent shopping then walking the Castle Combes, I would say utter perfection. The weather was amazing, the clouds where clear with no sign of rain. I had such an amazing experience of Bristol and Castle Combe.

We drove from Bristol city centre to Castle Combe, I was a bit sleepy so I can’t say how long it took. Arriving there we packed at the designated parking area, though many people choose to pack closer to the entrance of this cute village. It was a nice walk down the hill though my companion reminded me I would suffer coming back up hill and he was right.

Arriving in the village, you’re greeted by this lovely view of Combe stone houses (top left corner of picture above). As you walk further into the town, you see a cafe on the left then straight ahead is the church (bottom left/right of pic above). We took a moment to take the sites in and just rest from the heat. It was surprising to me how many people were there but then again it was a lovely day so maybe not so surprising.

After snapping up a few photos, we decided to take a walk across the church (bottom right, pic above), came out at the back. There was a street which lead up to The Manor House. I had to stop for a moment and just take in the magnificent view of The Manor House. There was a wedding happening so we couldn’t get close but we managed to walk the grounds .

The Manor House in Castle Combe

The Manor House was surrounded by beautiful greenery and a small mini waterfall ,I was dared to walk the steps. Obviously not one to back down from the challenge, I walked the plank (so to speak). We then took a couple of pictures, I mean it was hard not to. We walked across The Manor House, taking in all the views before we came through to a mini bridge. People where sat enjoying the scenery, the mini river did not have much water but it was still beautiful.

A question was posed, whether to walk further into the village where it was guaranteed to get a bit steep! Granted it would be even more beautiful but I chose walking back to the car. I am sorry I chickened out because I was tired after the shopping and the heat got to me. I do hope to go back one day before the summer ends and check out the rest of Castle Combe. It was a lovely day, well spent with a great company what more could one ask for.

Have you ever visited Castle Combe?