August Must Haves

August Must Haves is a roundup of items that I need want this month, I can’t believe it’s already mid-August. But then again I am too exhausted to even be surprised at how fast 2016 seems to be moving at. The rate the months are starting and ending is quite alarming. Every month I am finding myself in the same situation of thinking, I will make ensure I enjoy the month. I am enjoying it don’t get me wrong but there are times where I am so busy I don’t know who I am anymore. It is always nice to sit down, take it all in, plan and then tackle the month.

That being said, there are a few things that I am loving this month because it’s back to school next month. I thought I include a couple of school related items that I need and other necessary items.

August Must Haves

Stationery – So next month I am heading back to University (Part-time) to do a masters program in my field. It is an honour that my work is paying for this privilege. This calls for some stationery shopping from cute planners, pens and notepads. I had to take a picture of pineapples stationery as I couldn’t leave the shop with all these cute items staring at me.

Portable Charger – being on constant move. Though I don’t always have time to recharge my gadgets so having a portable charge makes a huge difference to my life. I have tried several different brands of portable chargers and most have saved me well, but now I am shopping for a new one.

Mad about the boy, since Bridget Jones movie is out next month. Why don’t I go recap the previous movies. Great I idea but then I remember I need to be in the ‘reading mode’ getting ready for back to school. I decided it made sense to read the book than to watch the movie.

August Must Haves



Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

I never get tired of buying (receiving) lipsticks, I have built myself a collection over the last few years. A friend recently bought me a couple of Urban Decay lipsticks from the Vice Range. Firstly, aaaah I now own an Urban Decay item, secondly I can not seem to get enough of them. I have been looking to see if I can get a couple more Urban Decay Lipsticks.

Garnier micellar water

BzzAgent introduced me to Garnier face products which I loved and can’t seem to get enough of. It was a choice between the Garnier cleansing wipes or micellar water. I chose the wipes but now I have been looking at grabbing a bottle of the Micellar cleansing water.  Currently I am using Sinivali’s cleansing water and it has been doing an amazing job.

And there you have it, my August Must Haves. What items do you have on your August list?