Blogger Beauty Box Review 

Blogger Beauty Box is a monthly beauty sub box started by a fellow blogger Vix of Vix Meldrew. It is a one man band but she is doing an amazing job.  She is securing products then sending out to about 30-50 bloggers a month for £10 P&P inclusive. Though I did not have a great introduction to the service and will probably hold off for now. I had read about the Blogger Beauty Box and I thought what an amazing idea. Rushed to the website and placed my order at the end of April hoping to get either the April or the May box.

blogger beauty box
As I was away for most of April and first two weeks of May, I never thought to follow-up until a few weeks later. I messaged Vicky who was sweet and confirmed she had sent the box but unfortunately nothing arrived on my end. I checked with local post office and they confirmed nothing has come through to them. Not sure what had happened but long story short, I decided to send another tenner for recorded delivery. The box arrived a couple of days later, I then tried a few of the products and here is my review.

blogger beauty box

Blogger Beauty Box Review

The products came in a simple but nice box with bright soft paper to cover the products. The box I got contained:

  • Raspberry & Blueberry bubble bath and shower creme
  • Fab little bag
  • Nanogen root boost hair thickening spray
  • Lipaholic lipstick
  • Derma Babies full of hope nipple cream

What I liked

The majority of beauty boxes contain 4-5 products so I was happy to see that this box came with full-sized products. Not all beauty boxes come with full-sized products, most of them are just samples. I don’t think with most products you can really tell if you like the products from just having a sample. I don’t know about you but for me shower gels and bath cremes have to be either travel size or bigger. If they are smaller, I don’t really see the point of trying them.

I thought it was really neat to have the Fab little bag in the box, these are really handy for that time of the month. I always forget to buy those scented disposable bags for my pads and tampons, so this was a definite welcome item. Another item I am really loving is the Nanogen root boost hair thickening spray. Over the last few years, I seem to have developed a bold path in the middle of my head. I have loved spraying the Nanogen every morning before work, my skull is clean and feels soft and fresh.

What I didn’t like

Since I am not yet a mama nor do I have issues with my nipples, this is one item that I feel is totally useless to me. It seems like a great product for mama’s but for those of us who are yet to reach that hallmark in our lives, it’s not handy. I am planning on gifting this to my cousins who just gave birth.

Everyone knows I know me a good lipstick and often willing to try different shades but this is not one of them. For my skin tone this is too bright and looks like I just ate soil and smudged it on my lips, definitely not for me. I have a few friends that know how to work such lipsticks so this is one I will be gifting.

I have said this before, not every beauty box out there will have items that you like/love. For me this box had some items I had never tried and still loved, and items I didn’t and won’t try.

What do you think of the items I got in my Blogger Beauty Box? You heard of the Blogger Beauty Box before?

What would be your favourite product?