{Fashion Monday} July Fashion Favourites

July was an interesting month, not only because this blog celebrated its 3rd blogaversary or that I celebrated my 29th birthday. It was an interesting month because we have 2 weeks of proper summer and at times considered heat wave. Though it looks like August won’t be gracing us with that month sun, I am still recovering from the amazing ‘2 week summer’ that July offered us.

For the July Fashion Favourites, I will be recapping on the Fashion outfits I shared in the month of July. I can not believe this is the 8th month I am doing Fashion Favourites roundups. When I shared my favourite roundup post in December 2015, it became one of the top viewed posts on this blog ever and these posts have continued to be one of the most viewed on a monthly basis.

July Fashion Favourites consists of a lot of ‘summer type’ outfits, as mentioned above the weather was absolutely amazing that it would have been a shame not to share what I was rocking or what I had created on my mood board hoping someone would love it and try it out.

July Fashion Favourites Roundup

Bodysuits – When July rolled in I was knee-deep in love with bodysuits. I had always had them but somehow I stopped wearing them, I guess I had confidence issues and probably thought they were too childish or wouldn’t look good on me but if my trip to Korea then to Dublin are any indication, bodysuits are so not childish for me and they definitely look good and hide a lot of wobbly bits.

bodysuit inspired outfit

Throwback Fashion – I had so much fun creating this post, I worked with a PR company for George Asda to look at my fashion as a child and replicate that in today’s fashion sense. Obviously my fashion sense has improved over the years but it was nice seeing how my mother dressed me or how she let me get away with dressing myself.

Beachday Fashion Must Haves – With the two weeks of summer we had, it was paramount that I share items I carried to the beach and items that I think are a must to have on your trip to the beach. The weather has changed (currently raining) so I probably won’t be hitting the beach in the UK anytime soon but it doesn’t stop me reminiscing about the time I did the last month.

Birthday Presents

Birthday Presents – I mentioned that I turned 29 in July, to celebrate my birthday I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a PR for House of Fraser where I was sent some summer maxi dresses which are just so gorgeous. The dresses came at the right time and I have been rocking them throughout the two-week summer we had. I have a couple of functions coming up that I am hoping to rock the House of Fraser maxi dresses at.

birthday presents

Embrace the Heels – When I was visiting my parents last month, my mother mentioned how I am still young and should continue to wear heels and break the mould of me only wanting to wear flats. For me flats are comfortable and frequent readers know I am always comfort before style but it just got me thinking, just because I love wearing flats doesn’t mean I can neglect wearing heels because they hurt. Not all heels hurt, so when I returned to my apartment I found I had some lovely block heels that I had never worn before and since then I had not looked back. I have realised the right block heels and wedges are more comfortable than they are given credit for.

Zara Inspired outfit – I mentioned in this post that my sister took me for a belated birthday meal and then a bit of shopping where we picked up this lovely red Zara dress and I can’t get enough of it. On a daily basis I am looking at ways I can dress it up or down without even trying because it’s a really simple yet stylish dress to begin with. I have been pairing the dress with all the block heels and wedges I could think of.

Dating & Outfits

Impress your date – This was the final outfit I shared in July. I have not been on a proper first date, where I get to doll myself up for the date or even think about dressing up for the date in over 10 years. It is a strange feeling to start again, to start the search again but with the right outfit and the right mind-set one can do it no worries. I loved sharing this outfit of the dress shirt and how you can dress it up and impress your date.

impress your date

As I mentioned at the start of this post, July was an amazing months if this July Fashion Favourites roundup post is anything to go by.

Which was your favourite outfit?