{Beauty} Pumkin Glycolic Mask Review 

Myeong Dong, the beauty shopping district of Seoul is where I was first introduced to a multitude of face masks. There were so many choices of face masks it was hard choose just one or two. I was glad to learn Koreans are generous sample givers whenever you buy something from their store. I bought a couple of beauty sets (£100 worth) and I got me over 10 face masks to try out. I don’t use face masks on the daily but try to use them occasionally when I have that alone time.

I was in Hamburg at the beginning of June where I managed to pick us a couple of face masks. Though I can’t exactly read German, I picked up some masks which would help revamp and rejuvenate my skin. I am yet to try these face masks I picked up in Germany as I want to use them on my self-pampering day. Today I will instead share my review of a Pumpkin Glycolic mask I was sent months back for trial and review.

Pumpkin Glycolic Mask

Regular readers will remember I worked with ASDM Beverly Hills before, I reviewed and ran a couple of giveaways. So I was very happy when they contacted me a few months back to try out there Pumpkin Glycolic Mask. I had never tried Glycolic Masks before but I had heard wonderful things about them.

Watch my video review below or click here

Pumpkin Glycolic Mask Review

The mask comes in a small 50ml container, it is orange in colour (as expected since its pumpkin flavour). It is really creamy to a point of being sleek & slimy. The mask has a pumpkin scent as expected and is very easy to apply. The mask comes with a brush to use to apply on your face and you don’t need to use too much to start seeing the results.

Directions of how to use the Mask

  • First: Wash your face with your chosen cleanser and dry.

Optional – use cleansing wipes or cleansing water to remove all remaining impurities and leave the face to dry naturally . 

  • Second: Using the bridge provided with the mask, dip into the container and apply evenly across your face.

Warning – Be careful around your mouth and eyes. Do not ingest it put in your eyes, please seek medical immediate attention if this happens.

  • Third: Leave the mask on your face for up to 15 minutes. I left mine for about 20 minutes the first time, apart from making my face feel really tight I had not adverse effects but please follow manufacturer guide.
  • Fourth: Wash the mask off with Luke warm water, pat dry with a towel and apply your chosen moisturing cream.

Warning – if whilst you have the male on your face it starts to sting or you’re reacting, then please wash it off immediately.

What I loved about this pumpkin glycolic mask was that my face was taunt, smooth and rejuvenated. I had no adverse reactions and I have used it several times in the last two months. Looking at the container you wouldn’t have guessed as it’s still almost full.

Have you ever tried a Pumpkin Glycolic mask or tried any of ASDM Beverley Hills Products?

*Always check with your dermatologist or doctor if you’re on medication in case drug-drug interactions*