Top Tips for Big Trips – How to Travel With a Large Group

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While I may be a fan of solo globetrotting, I’ve always loved the idea of planning a huge group holiday. Getting all of my friends together and escaping for a long weekend of day trips and catch ups. What could be better? However, organising a trip with a large group of people can be awkward. Here are my top tips for big trips!

A Group Leader

Before anything is planned, make sure you dedicate a group leader for your trip. Seriously, while you may think this could cause drama (after all, everyone wants to be in charge), it will actually be easier in the long run. The leader will be the person in control of booking everything and collecting all the money. Make sure that the person you go for is super organised and isn’t going to lose all the paperwork – or accidentally spend all the money!

Group Planning

It’s a good idea to set an evening aside for a bit of holiday planning, with you all together. Trying to plan a group trip on Whatsapp is going to be a nightmare! Plus, it’s a good chance for you all to catch up and get excited about your upcoming holiday. Everyone can bring their own ideas to the table, which should prevent the ‘leader drama’ I mentioned earlier too.

Finding Accommodation

Trying to find any kind of accommodation that fits in a big group can be a bit of a nightmare. Self-catering is going to be your best option, as it means you can all stay together – and potentially save some pennies too. Sites such as Group Accommodation have been designed specifically for larger groups, so you don’t have to filter through tiny two-bed apartments before you find something big enough for you all. Self-catering also means you can stock up on all the food and drink you like, without it costing a small fortune!

Ask for Discounts

When you’re booking tickets for anything – from day trips to train and plane tickets – see if they offer a group discount. It’s very much one of those, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” moments. Plenty of places will offer a group discount if you have a certain amount of people, so make sure you ask. This is another job for your, hopefully, very organised group leader.

Make a Folder

This is a job for the leader, essentially, but everyone could also make their own. In fact, if there is a large group of you, it’s always a good idea to have more than one. Print off all of your confirmations, holiday insurance, copies of passports – and put them in a pretty folder. You can also turn this into some kind of scrapbook for all your photos and memories, once you get back.


Travelling with a large group doesn’t need to be stressful, as long as you’re ready to get organised! It’s the perfect way to catch up with old friends and explore a bit more of the world. If you’ve followed my top tips, you’re bound to have the best of times.

Disclosure: This is a collab post!

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