How to relax and treat yourself 

Relax and treat yourself girl, were the words uttered to me every time I would finish my 3 night shifts. Looking back now, I should have invested more in learning how to relax and treat myself. For someone who lives alone, you would think I have all the time in the world and having me time is not that difficult but you would be wrong as its blooming hard.

treat yourself

I, as many would, put it down to planning and prioritising your life. For those of us without kids this should be easy but it’s not always that simple. But over the last few years of living alone, I have found some ways that work for me. So how could you achieve and find time to relax and treat yourself?

3 easy ways to relax

Exercise and Sleep – for most people even this is difficult. I am always jealous of people who fall asleep at the drop of a coin. Some of us, we need to run the day through in our minds. Then plan the next day’s to do list before we can finally fall asleep. In my case, most times I don’t even get chance to finish my next day list. I simply just seem to pass out. To remedy this, I do a couple of yoga moves I learnt in my tai chi class and they seem to help.

Digital Detox – this might not be easy because as bloggers our lives revolve around social media. From the moment I wake up, first thing I do is check my phone. Sometimes I don’t even realise it until it’s too late that I just wasted an hour of my life with my face down. Before bed (as I am doing now) I check my blog and social media, this shouldn’t happen. I should aim to stop social media checks at least an hour before bed. This is something I am working on, the days I have been successful has made a difference.

Soak or shower – I only have a shower cubicle in my apartment so it’s definitely shower for me. If you have a tub, you can soak up in using invigorating, refreshing and relaxing aromas from bath cremes. For those of us with only showers in our homes, there are many shower cremes one can use. Another option would be exfoliating body scrubs, which help remove dead skin presenting only new and fresh skin. After a good scrub, a massaging oil can be used to intensify the relaxation process.

3-ways to treat yourself.

Spend a day at the beach, we all live such busy lives so much that we forget to live our lives. Take any opportunity that presents itself and head for the beach. England is not always fortunate with good weather but sometimes even on the cold of days, it can be fun to go to the beach. Take in all the sites, marvel at Mother Nature and take a moment to be thankful.
Staycation or Getaway, as an avid solo traveler one of the many ways I treat myself is booking a getaway. Traveling for me is one of the ways I treat myself without guilty. I have been looking at some staycations that I can take within the huge, there are many options. I can not wait to pick one and go with my sister.

Binge or Read – I know I have mentioned digital detox but I feel it’s bingeing on your favourite Netflix dramas is an acceptable. Also part of the treat yourself way is to sit down with a nice cuppa with a good book.

There are many things you can do to help you relax and treat yourself. The ‘6’ ways I have shared above are just some of them. These might work for you, they might not but they work for me.