Protecting your body in winter 

Protecting your body in winter is a follow on from a guest post 5 ways to stay active this winter. I felt it’s important to not only learn how to stay active but protecting your body too. As much as I am all for exercise I am also for staying warm and not catching colds.

There are many simple ways that can help when protecting the body from winter. Those who know me know I love simple ways, simple processes so as not to confuse thing.

protecting your body

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Protecting your body ~ The Inside

Moisturise, daily moisturising is good for your skin. The body gets battered all the time by the elements and needs all the moisturising it can get. I always laugh at how moisturised I look indoors and completely dry the minute I step outside. No one likes flaking skin (if you can help it) so always moisturise as that is the first protection barrier for your skin.

Wear warm clothing, England can have four seasons in one day. The fast changing of the elements affects your skin more quickly than anything else. I am known for dressing like an Eskimo in Autumn and Winter because I don’t like the cold.

Protect your hair, every woman goes through this. Spend some time getting your do (hair) done, step outside and poof back to square one. I try to walk with a beanie in my bag always for the changing elements.

Protecting your body ~ The Outside

Eat healthy warm meals, no I don’t always eat the healthiest meals but I eat warm meals. Winter is not a time I kid around when it comes to food. I will eat a salad in winter but follow it with soup or a warm dessert. You want your body to be fit enough to fight the winter colds and opportunist diseases. Be the best healthy you can be to protect your body.

Hydration, I am not one for remembering to drink water all the time but I drink tea every day. There many ways you can keep hydrated during winter and for me the best way is tea.

Remember, you only have one body with no replacements on the side, so take care of you. Protecting your body this winter is paramount. Staying healthy (whatever your definition) is beautiful and sexy.

With that being said, what are some of the ways you ensure protecting your body us #1?