Why you need a good quality chair for your office 

A good quality chair, is what I have been telling myself every night before bed. Every night when my back screams at me for sitting on my crappy home office chair. Maybe I should start from the beginning, right before I set up my home office.

I work for a pharma company with flex working, this means I can work either from home or office. It also means I have flexible working hours though normally I just do 9-5 like every body in corporate world. Having flex working lifestyle is great, obviously it works on trust that you will do your required hours per week.

Working From Home (WFH)

I was thrilled to be WFH, I would wake up early shower and go back into my PJamas. Then I would work all day sometimes into the night in bed, now for some that would be awesome. And it was for a while until it started affecting my back. I noticed on days I worked from home my back would cry before bed.

I went from working in bed for a few hours then I would be switch up between bed and floor. Slowly the appeal of working from home without a desk started to lose its appeal. Fast forward a few years later to a few months back when I thought enough is enough. It’s nice to be working from home but I was killing my back, something had to change. I decided to purchase a work desk and chair, I love the desk but the chair is what’s called anti-tamper. This type of chairs are ideal for schools but not so much for my home office. At work we have ergonomic executive office chairs with a head and arm rests which offers good lumbar support. This is what I need for my home office before I damage my back permanently. 

a good quality chair

Why you need a good quality chair for your office 

A good quality chair for your office does not only look good but it protects you and your back. Many surveys have been conducted with most results showing everyone complains about their work chairs. Most employers have health and safety departments that ensure their employees are assessed and provided with the right chair.

For those of us who WFH, we do not have the luxury of a H&S team to advise us on which are a good quality chair for our home office. Instead we rely on Dr. Google and personal recommendations for which chairs we should have at home. It is important to have a good quality chair for your office because;

  • Good quality chair provides proper lumbar and pelvic support helping your back muscles become less stressed
  • A comfortable chair increases concentration, with a bad chair you’re always aware of your painful back.
  • Sitting for too long can cause low back pain injury which can have you out of work for a long period.
    • This is not good for companies nor for small business hence why its important to have a good quality chair.

A good quality chair should offer the following;

  • Adjustable back rest for lumbar/pelvic support
  • Adjustable seat height and width
  • A comfortable and good seat material
  • Adjustable arm rest
  • Adjustable head rest for improved posture supporting head and neck
  • A chair that can swivel for easy of movement.

When an employee or blogger has a good quality chair, we can avoid slouching and can be more productive. slouching in an uncomfortable chair will cause bad back, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration. So make sure your home office or work office has a good quality chair that offers great lumbar and pelvic support.