Beauty Monthly Favourites {October}

Beauty Monthly Favourites is a roundup post sharing all the beauty products I enjoyed using in October. It has been a while since I last shared a beauty post, mostly because I haven’t had chance to review. October had some really interesting weather so it’s been a task to ensure my skin is protected. I mentioned in my protect your body post to ensure you hydrate and moisturise. Though these tips are of great importance we also have to use the right products.

Beauty Monthly Favourites {October}

Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel cleanser {RRP: £7.99}

Being a blogger has some amazing perks, BzzAgent selected me to try this Neutrogena water gel cleanser. I have tried a couple of neutrogena products but nothing has worked on my skin like this hydrating cleanser. Neutrogena describes this product as:

  • Innovative lightweight gel that activates with water
  • Laters away dirt, oil and makeup, while proving skin with a boost of vital hydration
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Garnier cleansing wipes £1.99

I am one of those people who absolutely dislikes washing my face after yoga class but don’t like being sweaty either. The answer to my weirdness is wipes, now I have tried enough wipes to last me forever but never Garnier. This obviously changed when again I was selected to review the Garnier cleansing wipes and Garnier moisturisering wipes. I enjoyed using these two products so much that as soon as they finished I went and bought myself another two.

Lancome Bi-Facil Instant cleanser {£7 (30ml) or £22 (125ml)}

I bought this Bi-Facil cleanser on my way to South Africa in September and didn’t really start using it until October. This was certainly a new experience for me in that this cleanser is oily. Using a cotton pad you apply the cleanser to your face and it removes makeup really well and leaves your skin clean but oily. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that until after about 5 minutes the oil got absorbed into my skin and my face was glowing. From this point on my love for this Bi-Facil cleanser was sealed.

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A new one on me

Utan & Tone nourishing night crème  £25 for 50ml

Another product which is new to me and came in the beauty sub box I bought in a few months back. Because it talked about facial tan I was not going to use it. I mean come on on my black face how much tan can I possibly need. Regardless I took a gamble last month and used the cream at night and loved it. Though I can’t exactly say what it’s done for me but it kept my face moisturised. When I woke up my face wasn’t oily but looked healthier.

The product is described as “For a gradual, even facial tan, protects, conditions and hydrates”. Not sure about the protection but I can attest to the conditions and hydrates. 

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Magnitone Cleansing Brush

This trusted beaut has been my companion for almost two years now. I will soon be sharing my ‘alternative face routine’ and I will show you how I have incorporated this gem into my routine. British weather is one for the changes, so as fast as it changes we need to have products that can match up. Though I don’t always use the cleansing brush daily, I use it enough. For my products to work I need to ensure I open my facial pores and remove dead skin.

These are a few products I was loving which made my beauty monthly favourites list. What products were your favourite in October and what made your list? Have you ever used any of the products mentioned above?

*Not sponsored I just love the products