Bershka mini shopping Haul

Bershka was first introduced to me by my good friend Muki. She always bought cute items of clothing and jewellery from them. When she told me about them I immediately went onto their website and bought a nice pair of pumps. Since then I have bought a couple of items here and there but nothing for the last few years.

Whilst in Milan last weekend waiting on our train to Amandelo, we popped into Bershka and did some browsing. Since I don’t have a bershka close to me I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Though the ££ wasn’t at its strongest I was still able to pick up a couple of items.

Bershka mini shopping Haul


Cardigan ~ £24

If there is one thing I love wearing during Autumn and Winter months is a cardigan. During Autumn in most instances you can get away with a new cardigan. In Winter I prefer to have it under my jacket or coat when going to work and just the cardigan when at work. I love being warm all the time every time and around this time of year cardigans are perfect. This cardigan is definitely warm and stylish, I am definitely in cardigan heaven.

Long T-shirt: Not from Paris Madam ~ £9.99

Love the long t-shirt, not only is it in my favourite colour the words in print are funny. The words read ‘Not from Paris’ on the front and on the right sleep it says ‘Madam’ now try read that in French accent. The T-shirt has slits on each side which are starting from just under my waist, I am 5’7 in height. The T-shirt is light but weirdly warm enough too, obviously won’t be walking outside with it. It is see-through and really soft, I picked a medium size which first perfectly.

Hop & Bead Necklace (for me) ~ £3.99

It is silly for me to do any sort of clothes shopping without picking up some jewellery. I was recently sent a Silver heart necklace which I absolutely love but I still wanted more. So when I saw this simple but cute and unique necklace I just had to buy it.

Letter necklace (gift) ~ £4.99

They say when you find something that you really love give it to someone to show them you love them. I did that with this letter necklace, Berskha definitely have me on this. Love at first sight doesn’t even cover it, I was coveting it so much that I bought it and realised it’s what I should gift my friend. She loved it and spelt her name immediately after we arrived back to the hotel.

And there you have it, my mini Bershka Haul from Milan. Do you ever shop in Bershka? What’s your favourite item you’ve bought from them?