Five Things Week #3

Five things week 3, a weekly series documenting five things of I did, what sucked, good things and what is to happen. Five Things week 3 has proven itself to be the busiest so far and I will share more below.

Five Things

Five Things I did

  • I believed in my ability to do my work well and don’t pay attention to haters
  • Had an insightful talk with my best friend and our views on certain things in our lives
  • Managed to find a hotel close to Gatwick for our early flight
  • Spent way too much money in Italy
  • Enjoyed a spot of shopping in the fashion forward city of Milan.

Five Great Things to happen

  • Finally managed to submit my university assignment in the midst of a crazy week
  • Had a nice mini date with my friend night before our flight to Milan
  • Travelled to Milan and Venice in Italy which was an awesome experience
  • Managed to explore the beautiful island of Murano. The weather was perfect that we explored more than we thought we would.
  • Work is slowly coming on track, with university I have been so behind with my work.

Five Things that sucked

  • Super early waking up for our flight to Milan. Though the flight itself was at 7am we had to be at the airport at 5.30 which meant 4.30 wake up.
  • Felt swindled by TravelCorp when we exchanged money. She made it as we were exchange euros into pounds and not the other way round.
  • Suffered with really bad stomach pains throughout the trip to Venice
  • No good food with such an established hotel business {name hidden}
  • Found that we are getting on in age when it comes to drinking. Night before our flight we had 2x Blue lagoon cocktails, 2x southern comfort {with lemondade} and 1x woo woo and 1x godfather cocktails. This with early wake up and no food led to a bad hangover.

Five Things to Happen next week 

  • Start to revise for our December exam for university
  • Schedule more posts to have more time to read other blogs and for university
  • Catch up on favourite TV and Korean dramas
  • Review all the products I have been sent before accepting any new ones.
  • Continue to prep for my impending practical driving text end of the month.

Five Things week 3 is one not to he forgotten in a hurry. I am enjoying putting these posts together as they are giving me perspective on life.

How was your week? Did you do anything fun or got anything planned for the new week?