Five Things Week 4

Five Things Week 4, a roundup post of things that I did, happened, sucked and planned for future. I can not believe I am already doing Five Things Week 4, I feel like I just started this series.

Five Things

Five Things I did

  • Last Week Thursday I submitted my 2nd assignment a day early. I was too over it to even check it over again oops.
  • Eat my first ever Lobster, it was an experience of a life time.
  • Friday I had my first taste of a latte macchiato and I loved it. The Italians really know their coffee.
  • Worked from home all week, it’s been a crazy month so far with too many deadlines.
  • Thursday a friend and I tested out the WhatsApp video call and it was epic. Now we don’t have to wait till our schedules clear up to see each other.

Five Great Things to Happen

  • Friday last week I received a collaboration request from Leesa Sleep UK, omg I was in shock. They sent me a mattress which I will be sharing my review of soon.
  • Completed and shared my last one of the #take12trips travel challenge. I can’t believe I have visited more than 12 countries and 12 cities in 12 months.
  • Last Friday I flew to Milan with a friend for a weekend getaway
  • Saturday we traveled to Venice from Milan.
  • Another collaboration request came through but this time to review my choice of boots. I was too stoked, couldn’t believe my luck and blessings.

Five Things that sucked

  • I suffered from bad tummy aches throughout my weekend getaway to Milan and Venice. Not sure what caused it but good Jesus at one point I almost cried.
  • Wasted last week Friday so didn’t really get to see and enjoy Milan as I would have liked.
  • Monday afternoon came done with everything bad, I had the shakes, headache and cold like symptoms. It was a nightmare as I kept losing track of time since I kept passing out.
  • I have not been able to go to the gym at all since last week. The afternoon class I wanted to attend couldn’t because of work commitments.
  • People telling me and my cousin that at 29/30 respectively we should see a pastor as to why we not married yet. I mean come on for pete’s sake, it was our choice to get educated and be independent women. Now we ready to settle it will happen in its own time not forcing it. This really got on my nerves, mind your own business.

Five Things to Happen next week

  • Final week to prepare for my driving test, I am so nervous but I will do my best.
  • Looking to plan a mini staycation and go to a spa or something
  • Share my new boots and review of my Leesa Sleep mattress. I can’t seem to get out of bed it’s so awesome
  • My boss is away so hoping to catch up on all my to-do lists. I say lists because I have several
  • Planning to make some me time and do absolutely nothing apart from binge watch some dramas.

And there you have it, Five Things Week 4. How was your week? Did you get up to anything fun?