What I want for Christmas 

What I want for Christmas. Well it’s a question one should not ask me because I have two lists at the moment. I have the expensive one and the so-so Christmas list. When I say expensive I mean really expensive by my standards. For some this might not be expensive at all but it is for me. We usually want so much for Christmas that sometimes we forget the true spirit and reason for the celebration. Thanking God for sending his son, to save us from the evils of the world.

Now that we’ve established how we should thank first. let’s see what’s on my expensive Christmas list. I mean what I am dreaming to get, a girl can dream right? without dreams what are we?


what I want for christmas

What I want for Christmas 

  • Car – I told you it was an expensive list. Now that I am serious about driving and will be doing my practical test soon I need to buy a car. Even a small car will do, my parents have promised to help me pay towards it.
  • Camera – I need to improve my blog pictures. Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone 6 Plus and it takes good pictures. But now I am aiming for better resolution and just take the blog to the best level.
  • New Bed Frame – you know I was recently sent an amazing mattress from Leesa. This kind of mattress requires an equally amazing bed frame. Ok maybe not but I just need a new bed frame as I am tired of my old divan bed.
  • New smart phone – normally I would say new iPhone but right now I am open to all. Whilst in South Africa my iPhone suffered a screen crack my first in years. So instead of just having it fixed which is costing ridiculous amount I just need a new phone.
  • Trip to Hawaii – just because 2017 is a year of staycations doesn’t mean I have abandoned my travel abroad dreams. I told my friends that for my 30th I have three places I want to go: Hawaii, Bali or Vegas.  

Now for the not so expensive Christmas list

  • Good health for my family, I have an elderly grandmother who it would mean the world to me if her health stayed on point.
  • Happiness for my family, I don’t ask for much just that I have a healthy and happy family.

Besides the air we breath is already free so, world peace, health and happiness is all about me done.

What do you think of what I want for Christmas? What’s on your list?