{Fashion Monday} November Fashion Favourites #2016

November Fashion Favourites, I First shared this type of roundup post a year ago. I didn’t realise just how big it would go, within a few hours my stumbleupon had it at 1.1k views. It was crazy to think, I just wanted to do a roundup post for my readers who missed these posts. Give them a chance to read the posts again in hopes of inspiring someone to make cute outfits for themselves.

Putting outfit ideas together is something I thoroughly enjoy and it makes me happy. I do not consider myself a fashionista nor can I explain the history of fashion. All I know is I love playing dress up and sharing these ideas with you. The ideas I share I have tried regardless of whether they look good on me or not because I know they will look awesome on someone.

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Last Monday of every month is dedicated to a Fashion Favourites post, the November Fashion Favourites marks 1 year anniversary. I can not believe it’s been a whole year, I am grateful for how far I have come and the growth I see in myself. It would have been nice to share all the Fashion Favourites posts so far, but November Fashion Favourites will do.november-fashion-favourites

November Fashion Favourites {2016}

Dress your Ankle Boots . For the first Monday in November {7th}, I shared with you how I love dressing my ankle boots. For me ankle boots hadn’t always screamed buy me, I prefer{ed} knee-high boots kind of girl. Though I am partial to the mid-calf boots but knee high all the way until this Autumn {2016}. I can not seem to get enough of ankle boots and was happy to collaborate with Toms choosing my favourites.

Stylish and Comfortable. Regular readers know I am an advocate for dressing for comfort before style, comfort first style is an addition. I was in Milan and Venice recently where I managed to share an outfit which was simple, stylish and comfortable. Creating replicable outfits which are simple and comfortable has always been my goal, style comes after. But if all can be achieved in one goal then I am game, I am always open to new ideas.


A Pop of Colour. Just because it’s winter disguised as autumn does not mean we can not add a pop of colour to our outfits. The sun is a rarity these days, so its important to make ourselves bright to lift up the mood. I don’t want to dress to match the weather, just because its dark and grey doesn’t mean that’s my dress code. I defy the norm, go against status quo and walk on the wild side of spring and summer.

Recent Fashion Additions. I have mentioned above that this autumn I am in love with everything ankle boots. When I was contacted to collaborate with Brantano, I knew I couldn’t say no and accepted immediately. Though I struggled to just pick one pair of ankle boots I settled on cute boots from Clarks {similar}. These boots are so comfortable, I thought with the heel I would struggle, NOPE. I am having so much fun playing in place, cant seem to take them off.

November Fashion Favourite ~ Fashionable Gift Guides

For the Fashionable she {Her}. Christmas is in exactly 21 days, yes it’s that close by but fret not I put together a gift guide. This gift guide is both for you and for your fashionable friends and family, I don’t like to complicate gifts, I like simple but cute. There are so many options you can choose from, but you know your family and friends best so choose something they would like.


For the Fashionable He {Him}. Though most fashion ideas on this blog are for women, now and again I indulge into men’s and kid’s fashion. There are three important men in my life and one little boy who are important to me. It’s paramount that I remember them when putting these gift guides together. As someone whose a sucker for a man in a suit I had to focus my gift guide around that.

 Everyday is a Fashion show and the world is the runway – coco chanel

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. But also I believe Fashion looks good when you feel good inside.

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