{November} Instagram Weekly 4

Instagram weekly 4, I am not sure how week 4 creeped up on me. One minute I was trying to meet deadlines and the next it’s already Friday. Normally that would be a good but when you have so much to do before another deadline it’s not. Anyway back to Instagram weekly 4, as usual I will share the posts you liked and commented on most. 

Instagram weekly 4 ~ Most Liked Comments 

You can tell the focus is still on Venice, I am still in shock to be back if I am honest. I had such a lovely time in Venice, we did a lot without a plan and it was fun. This week I shared my weekend getaway to Venice so you can have a ready. I am hoping to go back to Venice in the next few months and try everything again, this time to go longer than 2 days.

  • #1 On the boat leaving Murano Island
  • #2 & #3 Both on Murano Island.

Instagram Weekly 4 ~ Most commented on 

It seems that even this week the most commented on pictures are of my recent trip to Venice. Every time I feel defeated and deflated I just go into my phone and stare at my recent trip to Venice. It was such an adventure, nothing was planned but everything just fell into place. The weather was God sent, the people even more so and the atmosphere was that of people enjoying a holiday. I am glad we went when it wasn’t too busy as I am told it can get pretty busy and then it’s too overcrowded.

And there you have it, the instagram weekly 4. I have decided to change these weekly Instagram posts to monthly, only because I know how busy the next 3 months will be for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekly instagram post, check out my instagram to keep updated in my trips.