{Travel} Visit Ljubljana ~ The Heart of Slovenia


Visit Ljubljana ~ The Heart of Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and one of the most popular destinations in the country followed by Bled. Last year when I chosen to take on the #Take12Trips Travel Challenge, Ljubljana was the first city I visited. I didn’t even know of it until a colleague who is Slovenian talked about her home country. For me to visit certain places it doesn’t take much, I knew I had to see it for myself.

Ljubljana is also a very significant place in my life because it marked the start of the travel bug. Those who know me know I love nothing more than jetting off everywhere and anywhere I can go. It was such a lovely experience that awoke something in me and I cant get enough. There are certain places in this world that will just resonate with you and hold a special place in your heart. Ljubljana in Slovenia is essentially that for me and much more.

In June, I was invited by Big Berry a lifestyle glamping resort to visit Slovenia and explore the beautiful country. On we visited Bled (visited Bled Castle and Lake Bled) and Vintgar Gorge. After the awesome visit we managed to visit Ljubljana, now I had been to the capital prior to this so I already knew most of the areas. What I did not have the first time I visited was a tour guide to explain the amazing places to visit in the capital.

Places to Visit in Ljubljana

When I visited with Big Berry, they arranged a tour with visit Slovenia. The tourist guide was very knowledgeable on history of Slovenia and its capital as  all which was refreshing. Though I will not dive into the specifics of each of the places we visited, I will mention a few you can visit.

  • The Tivoli Park
  • Prešerno trg square
  • Triple Bridge
  • Robba Fountain (the foundation of three carniolar Rivers)
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Ljubljana Castle

Because Ljubljana is such a small city, where Slovenia is a small country as a all. You can explore most places by foot or by bicycle and there are many companies providing such services.