What’s in my travel handbag

My travel handbag always comes in question when I travel with friends. I am not one for bulky bags especially for weekend getaways. If I am traveling on a long haul flight then having bulky handbag is a must. Even then I always substitute handbags for backpacks as I can pack more. Whilst in Milan & Venice recently I decided to take a picture of what is normally in my travel handbag. To fellow travelers let me know what you normally pack, like what are your constant items.

*Remember this post is about what goes in my handbag and not the backpack or hand luggage. I know airlines line EasyJet always insist on only one bag if you’ve not booked priority check-in or business. So what goes in my travel handbag is minimal so I can stash the handbag in my hand luggage when need be.*

travel handbag

What in my travel handbag

For me the items I am listing below are my constant and can not travel without them. I am sure we all have these minimum items when traveling.

Passport – dependent on where you going, this is a crucial document that should be had on you at all times. My mother always says, carry your passport but ensure at home you have copies of it incase something happens. I am always cautious with my passport even with friends, this is my document and no one else’s.

Wallet – Unless you’ve completed moved to using your apple or google pay then you will need cash. I am not big on traveling with cash but if going abroad then I carry some cash with me in the local currency of my destination. I carry as much as I need and not more, its important to know where and when you will need cash.

Lipstick and hand cream – not sure about you but for me these are a must. I was taught never to leave the house without lipstick so I never do. Also I have the dry skin so I always need to moisturise my hands, ashy looking skin aint cute.

Accessories – though not always I do love taking a few items with me. 90% of the time I will pack my sunglasses and jewelry. You never know when you might need them to spruce up an outfit so I always have them on me.


Phone and headphones – For obvious reasons but if not so obvious. I always carry my phone with me as 90% of the time I carry digital tickets and only one backup paper copy which is usually in the backpack. Obviously my phone is my everything, its my wallet, my secure documents, my map and my connection to the outside world. Headphones I need big time when traveling alone, especially on planes and public transport. But never when I am walking in a new place alone, I need to be alert.

Portable charge – dependent on the airline requirements for bags I usually have this in my backpack unless otherwise. It’s rare for me to not travel with my trusted portable charger and recently I purchased one on amazon and so far so good.

Connecting cables – I was recent sent some lovely connecting cables for the purpose of an honest review.

Not sure if my fellow iPhone users have been experiencing the death of the chargers, I sure am and was not impressed. In a space of 4 years I have gone through 4-5 charging cables and these are not cheap (£15 per cable) to replace. When an offer came through to try the multi coloured USB cables I was first one in the door. Not only are the cables colourful and pretty, I have enough for all my gadgets. Having recently purchased a portable charger capable of charging all my gadgets I was in charger heaven. It’s been really awesome using the cables, I have tried charging an iPhone and a tablet at the same time and it all worked just fine. If you don’t like colourful cables they have white/blue or just black. Currently they are on sale for £9.99 and offering a £3 if you buy two, plus you get a one year warrant for them.