2016 Yearly Goals in Review ~ Auf Wiedersehen

2016 yearly goals in review, I am sat here on the last day of 2016 thinking about 1st January 2016. At that time, I promised myself one thing and that was to do my very best. None of us know what the New Year has in store, we can plan all we want. But if it’s not meant to be it won’t be no matter what we do or don’t do. It took me a while to appreciate this phrase and once I did, I live for the now.  I am not saying don’t plan, am saying in the midst of planning don’t forget about today. Living in the moment has taught me so much, I don’t have to be fearful but grateful for this life.

When I started writing 2016 yearly goals in review, I started thinking about what I want to see in 2017. What attitude, plans and thoughts did I want to enter 2017 with? What am I looking to achieve in 2017 and what will be my source of guidance and direction? Obviously as a christian it is the church as well as my parents but I have also met some lovely people who inspire me. I do not want to copy anyone’s life but wish to live my life to the fullest with the best of my abilities.

With that being said, lets put the 2016 yearly goals in review.

2016 yearly goals in review

2016 Yearly Goals in Review

I had purposefully broken down my goals into  quarters allowing me to check my progress quarterly. Regular readers also know of my motto ‘if at first you don’t succeed, moving it to the next month until you do‘.

January – March

Driving and Buy a car, this goal has been on my list of things I want to do since 2009 and each year I have pushed it back because of either money issues or just lack of time. 2016 is the year that I made more of an effort, put in more time than usual and actually actively worked on getting this done. I wanted to continue with manual car learning but now I think automatic will be best for me.

  • Driving – I recently passed my driving test so this goal from 2009 has now been achieved.
  • Buying a car – today I am going to look for a car with my parents. Though not totally achieved I am still happy that I have this goal in motion.

April – June

Take my blog to the next level, I want to improve my earnings from the blog. I am making it a point of saving all the moneys  earn from the blog starting January 2016. I want to see how much I can save and then use some of the money to improve this blog.

  • Improved blog earnings – I have shared my Financial Report for Q4 2016 and I have earned almost 3 times more than before.
  • Saving money – this has been particularly hard, see next set of goals.

July – September

Travel as much as I can and go to as many places as I possibly can. I am taking part in the #Take12Trips challenge and so far I have taken 2 trips abroad and planned 3 trips abroad, so I am very proud of myself.

  • Travel – I have been to 15 countries this year, 90% within Europe, been to 3 continents
  • #Take12Trips challenge – Completed

October – December

Save up money for my first mortgage, I want to buy my own place in the new year so saving up money for this is best way to go about it.

  • Saving up for mortgagefail. Everytime I did start I would then use the same for my travels which I do not regret. This goals I will be taking into 2017 with me and hopefully by end of 2017 it will be done.

Putting my 2016 yearly goals in review has been the best end to the year. I have accomplished so much more than I thought possible. The year started out great with so many opportunities just waiting to be taken which I did. As we prepare for 2017, take a moment to put YOUR 2016 yearly goals in review if you made any.

Auf Wiedersehen!!!