December 2016 Goals

December 2016 goals, yes you read right. You’re not drunk (well as far as I know) but we are in December now. 2016 has gone by in a breeze, it feels like it I blinked and poof we in December. Everyone is in a mad dash to get the presents sorted especially for our families abroad. Here I am sat in shock because I still can not believe it’s December and I am sharing my December 2016 goals.

Before we take a dive into my December 2016 goals setting, let’s recap on last month’s goals. December 2016 goals

November 2016 Goals

  • Attend Classes: First week in November I have 2 classes to attend, I hope to make these. SUCCESS
  • Book weekend getaway: A friend and I are thinking of heading to Rome next month, this will only happen if I do my assignments. SUCCESS – ended up going to Milan and Venice.
  • Create a schedule: I am in need of a good foolproof schedule planner to plan rest of October until December 31st 2016. Failed – still looking for a good planner
  • Saving for first car: Provided I pass my scheduled driving test, I am hoping to get a small car to get me around. In Progress.

December 2016 Goals

  • Weekend getaway, I am heading to nice next weekend and need to ensure I have everything ready.
  • Christmas presents for family. I am hoping to do a bit of Christmas shopping now that it’s December. Not decided exactly what though but still thinking.
  • Buy a car. This has become more apparent now than before. I am hoping to head to an auction house soon to buy a car.
  • Spa Day in London. A friend is arriving from Seoul South Korea that I always visit so I want to treat her.

These are my goals for the final month in 2016.