Five Things week 9

Merry Christmas everyone, can not believe the big day is tomorrow. This year has by far been the fastest year ever, it’s quite shocking it’s almost the end of the year. Started out with so many plans, achieved many, many planned and some just getting formed. I can honestly say 2016 has been an amazing year for me, a year of personal discovery and growth. It is not to say this year has not had it’s callenges oh God only knows it has. But I choose to right above it all and enjoy my life with all its good and bad attributes.

Five Things I did 

  • Saturday night I placed an order for the last Christmas presents for my family and friends
  • Sunday all presents have arrived and everyone has theirs from me. This is so weird for me being finished shopping a week before Christmas.
  • Friday, traveled home to my parents in readiness for Christmas
  • Arranged for my besties to come over to mine on 27/12 after a spa day and visit to winter wonderland in London.
  • Got my some of presents 🎁 from sponsors and friends.

five things week 9Five Great Things to Happen 

  • Tuesday, got an email that I had been nominated for Best Summer Capsule post. You can vote for me HERE I would appreciate it greatly. My blog is ajulydreamer
  • Finished all my Christmas shopping and now just lazying around.
  • Thursday for the ok from my boss to take some time off in March 2017. I have booked my flights to Cyprus 🇨🇾 69 days to go.
  • Mother Nature is gone, happy days are back. Nothing worse than a period ruining your Christmas celebrations.
  • Talking about mothers, my mum gave me my Christmas present already. I 😍 it

Five Things that sucked 

  • Thursday I took a nap and slept through my appointment only to wake up an hour later.
  • Drove at night for the first time and it sucked. Need more practice
  • Found out Monday 26 no trains will be running. Ruined my plans and now need to reschedule.
  • Realising this will be the 1st Christmas in 10years I won’t be spending with someone.
  • Being surrounded by many people but feeling so alone.

Five Things for next week 

  • Tomorrow is Christmas so many Christmas to all. Hoping for a quite and relaxing day
  • Tuesday, Spa day and winter wonderland on Tuesday then over to mine for drinks
  • Wednesday, working but got a very important meeting fingers crossed all goes well.
  • Thursday meet up with another friend before end of year
  • Friday, travel home for New Years Eve and Day.

Wishing you all a blessed festive period