Oceano Monaco: Museum and Aquarium ~ The Aquarium

Oceano monaco

Oceano Monaco: Museum and Aquarium ~ The Aquarium

Oceano Monaco or Oceanographic museum was first opened by Prince Albert I in 1910. An institute is committed to sharing all knowledge of marine life. The museum is home of marine science, extensive marine species and hosts many exhibitions of marine life. Prior to visiting Monte Carlo, I had no idea such an awesome museum {+ aquarium} actually existed.

During my visit to Monaco, I was able to purchase a combined ticket to visit both the museum and aquarium. There was an option to either visit the aquarium then go tour Monaco or tour the museum then Monaco. I obviously opted to stay in one building knowing later I would explore Monaco. I had in my diary to explore two special places: Monte Carlo Casino and F1 track.

Oceano Monaco

The first major tank you see will have multitude of species including these guys

Oceano Monaco ~ Aquarium 

When you enter the oceanographic museum and aquarium, you have a three choices: Aquarium, Museum or exhibition hall. I opted for the aquarium first as I was curious to visit for the first time ever. As a kid I saw a horror movie were the underground aquarium broke with all the sharks eat people. Honestly since then I never set foot in one and never even wanted to until Monaco. I have been missing out on a lot of things, definitely glad I finally overcame my fear and went.

Oceano Monaco

Walking further into the different areas of the aquarium, you will meet these guys!

What I fell in love with the moment I walked into the Aquarium, was all the different species they house. Each and every single one of the species has been identified and categorized accordingly. There are also educational tablets available on the walls next to the tanks to learn about them. I was so mesmerised next to the kids who were seeing it for the first time.

I have a fear of heights but I completely forgot that the Oceano Monaco is perched on a hill-top. Sitted next to the mediterranean sea makes this the best marine institute ever. What is even more impressive is that the construction of the building took 11 years to build.

Oceano Monaco

I couldn’t get enough of these jelly fish when they lit up in different colours. It was epic.

oceanographic book guide

If you manage to visit #oceanomonaco, I would purchase the oceanographic book guide (8 euros, not cheap) but worth it. It is something which I found very educational and I am sure the kids would do too. Though not exactly the #oceanomonaco, the book does carry its essence plus learn about the species you saw.

Oceano Monaco

I had to show this guy again, s/he was such a poser and only did this every 5 minutes or so

I spent a good hour or more just checking out the many species in the three sections of the Aquarium.

Tropical SeaWith its huge 450,000 litre tank which faithfully recreates a living coral ecosystem. The tropical zone reveals the frenetic life of the reef and its inhabitants. Enchanting shapes and colours!

The Mediterranean SeaThe Mediterranean is a bright and colourful sea that is home to 7.5% of the world’s fauna and 18% of marine flora. The aquariums showcase this richness through an exceptional range of different species. Discover these splendours with an entertaining educational tour in aquariums, completely redesigned and modernised. An invitation to travel!

The Shark lagoonShark Lagoon is one of the highlights of the visit, enabling you to get up close and personal with these remarkable marine creatures. Guaranteed thrills!

For someone whose never been to an aquarium until Monaco I can’t seem to shut up about it. I feel like I have been missing out all this time when I avoided the aquariums like a plague. It’s funny what you miss out on due to fear and I am glad it’s one fear I overcame.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Oceano Monaco ~ The Aquarium recap of my recent tour of Oceanographic Museum in Monaco.