The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #2016

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2016 is a roundup for all your family and friends Christmas gift ideas. Though Christmas is not all about the presents, it doesn’t hurt to get something for your loved ones when able. I know with my family we are more than happy to just spend time together but giving gifts also makes us ever more happy.

The ultimate Christmas gift guide will cover; Beauty, Fashion, Travel and lifestyle gift ideas. The ideas shared here are some that I know my family and friends would love. Maybe your family and friends might like them too so get a cuppa and check them out.

For the Beauty lovers

For the Beauty lovers


Though slightly selfish of me when I was putting this together I was daydreaming about the items that I love. On my birthday a friend bought me the Urban Decay lipsticks from the vice range. I had never owned any Urban Decay products before not even the naked palette but I instantly fell in love with the lipsticks. As I said already, slightly selfish of be but my suggestions come highly biased.

Suggestions Urban decay makeup palette and lipstick //Soap & Glory ultimate basket //Marc Jacobs perfume //Bobbi Brown foundation //MAC powder

For the Fashion Lover

For the Fashion Lover

Every Monday, A July Dreamer brings you outfit ideas so it made sense for me to include something for my fellow fashion lovers. Again definitely biased but who cares, we fashion lovers when picking something we always think what we like. I definitely want to say I always just think about the recipients but that’s not always the case. The suggestions are based off what I love and sharing for those who have similar style.

Suggestions: Michael Kor Handbag //Jord watch //Pandora jewelry //House of Fraser dress //high heels

For the Travel Lover

For the Travel Lover



Regular readers know I love nothing more than traveling whenever and wherever I can. When I was putting this guide together I thought of the things I need and use the most when I travel. Many people seem to forget universal adapters me included, I got on my recent trip to Nice, France.

Suggestions: Universal charger //Portable charger //traveler watch //Travel size toiletries

Lifestyle gift ideas

There are some people in our lives that do not fit in the above categories, in those instances I say think outside the box. I am not saying go all crazy and stuff just think of something they have always wanted to do. Things that people want are many and changes all the time but things that people need are a few. I know that my dad has always wanted to go see UB40 in concert so that would make an awesome gift for him.

Suggestions: Tickets to a concert //Experience a gift like a helicopter ride or driving a sports car.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #2016 is one that I wanted to say I put together with great thought. But actually I put it together with great love and hope you find something for your loved ones.