Five Things Week 14

Five Things Week 14 falls on the last weekend of the month, can you believe it’s already the end of January? Where did the month go! I am still reliving my New Year vibe. Though I must confess the January Blues or Winter Blues got me strung and I am so ready for it to be over. Over the last few days I realised that though I have not specifically set words for the year I actually have two. Embracing (change) and Celebrating (me, myself and I), these two words couldn’t be more true for me this year. I am finally embracing change, I was uncomfortable with it for over 3 years but finally I am embracing it. Whilst embracing change, I got the courage to celebrate me and everything in my life. Nothing is perfect but I am still happy with everything I have and don’t have.

five things week 14

Coming back to today’s post, let’s take a look at last week, the good, what sucked and plans for next week.

Five Things Last Week

    • Monday & Thursday – attend gym classes. I missed both these classes, I have worked home all week and not seen the gym.
    • Tuesday & Wednesday – travel to and from Birmingham and explore the city. We didn’t get to explore the city but had a lovely travel in Birmingham. I am glad I got to ticket off my item from my 17 places to visit in 2017 bucketlist, though I will visit again.
    • Tuesday Night – attending the “2 door cinema” concert at the O2 arena. The concert was absolutely awesome, I am now looking forward to the next one, secretly searching the box offices.
    • Friday, WFH and schedule posts for a week and get car insurance. This week was just one opsie daisy and didn’t get to do much blogging. I am hoping to work on scheduling posts today, plus searching for insurance continues.
    • Saturday (dependent of licence arrival). Collect my car from the dealership. Licence didn’t arrive, I tried to be angry but then again I believe everything happens for a reason. I am not meant to have the car just yet so I am practicing patience.

Five Great Things to Happen

    • Tuesday traveled to Birmingham for a concert to see “Two door cinema club“, it was an awesome concert though I felt old in the company I kept.
    • Wednesday we made use of the visit to Birmingham and had a mini staycation which was awesome. We didn’t explore Birmingham as much as I would normally do but checked out the markets.
    • Wednesday we managed to do some retail therapy and I picked up a couple of items.
    • Monday,Thursday-Friday I managed to work from home, it was nice not leaving the house as it’s so cold.
    • Friday the dealership have agreed to keep my car until I get my licence back, best news of the week. This is the car that I got and can not wait to collect it, hopefully next weekend.

Five Things that sucked

  • Didn’t manage to visit the gym at all last week
  • Driving licence not coming but I am optimistic it will soon
  • Not being able to find an affordable car insurance from respectable companies
  • Certain people meddling in other people’s business.
  • The uncertainty at work continues which sucks

Five Things for next week

  • Monday – Thursday, book and attend my gym classes: Yoga, Body Balance, Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates.
  • Sunday, meet up with my friends in London, one is visiting from Korea so definitely need to see her.
  • Sunday, Schedule posts for all of next week
  • Time allocation, it helps me focus on difference tasks in allocated time slots
  • University Assignment, need to prepare and submit the assignment.

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