{Monthly Roundup} January 2017 Sponsors ~ Thank you

January 2017 Sponsors, where shall I begin? Your unwavering support of A July Dreamer as we started the New Year has been the best present ever. Without a doubt in my mind I have had the best start to the year on A July Dreamer because of your generosity. Blogging was never anything more than a hobby for me but slowly it’s turning into a small business. A home business that has made it possible for me to earn a little disposable income and I am grateful.

January 2017 Sponsors

As January comes to close I thought I say a huge thank you to my January 2017 sponsors. Without further adieu, I present my January 2017 sponsors.

{Monthly Roundup} January 2017 Sponsors

The order of these sponsors is not of preference but of whom I worked with first and so on.

Home and Business Security ~ Fast Keys

To start off the year by sharing a post on home and business security with a special focus on business security. I mentioned how hard I found being responsible for all the employees in the UK office daunting. One of the many things I took care of in terms of security was make spare keys, have our security lights checked and more.

Home Improvements ~ Simply Plastics

Starting a new year is always a great excuse to make home improvements. I mentioned how my mother has been thinking of updating her kitchen starting with the counter tops. As I am currently renting an apartment I am limited to how many home improvements I can do. But that did not stop me from sharing some of the ideas I have implemented in our rented apartment.

Valentin's Day Idea

Valentine’s Day Ideas ~ Berganza

To some talking about Valentine’s Day Ideas a mere 6 days after entering the New Year is too early. But if there is one thing bloggers know is that there is no such thing as too early. We start talking about Christmas Menus in July so trust me this post was shared early enough. The ideas I put together are simple and don’t have to cost a dine but if you want to spend then jewellery it is.

Featured Sponsors uncommongoods

Custom Event Invitations ~ Basic Invite

I was happy when Basic Invite reached out to feature on my blog. Though prior to be contacted I hadn’t heard of them I was totally blown away. Technology as come a long way and with that there are so many options to create and customise invites. There is no longer an excuse to have a shabby looking event invite, Basic invite offers something for everyone.

Unique gifts ~ Uncommongoods.

As the name suggests, uncommongoods is an online store selling unique pieces from all over. All the pieces on the website has a story about the piece and who made it and it was interesting to check them out. I was honoured when they reached out to be featured on the blog and hope to work with them again.

Fashion Sponsors

men's fashion

Men’s Fashion ~ Stand-out

This post was such a huge hit and though I based it on my brother’s fashion sense it resonated with many. I have confessed on the blog I love a man in a suite but I always love a man can stand-out dressed casually. Though I do not share it often I plan on sharing more men’s fashion ideas

Fashion gives you wingz ~ Wings Fashion

I had to declare that I didn’t even know sleeve wings were thing. Now that I have my own pair I had enjoyed giving my old outfits a new lease of life. As mentioned in the post, these sleeve wings are a confidence boaster for those who hate showing their arms.

Content contribution Sponsors


How To Plan For The Perfect Weekend Ski Break In Morzine

I have never been skiing nor have I ever been to Morzine but I was excited to share this post I am a traveler. For me any post that shares ideas on how to do something better especially travel is welcome. For 2017 I have 17 places that I want to visit and though Morzine is not on the list I enjoyed reading about it.


Wishlist Sponsors

January Fashion wishlist

Fashion Wishlist ~ House of Fraser

Those who know me know I have a never-ending wishlists of all sorts and bedroom is at the top of that. When I put this Bedroom Wishlist together I thought of the items that I am currently in need of in my current bedroom. In the past I have shared Bedroom wishlists which would be useful in the future but now I am focused on the present. Then for the Fashion Wishlist I thought about the items that I need now especially in the current weather.

Luxury Wishlist ~ Xupes

When I shared my Luxury Wishlist almost all the readers commented on how much they loved my wishlist. I think secretly many people have at least one of the items I mentioned on their list. As it’s my wishlist it’s easy to assume I want all the items. I know my dad has a wishlist and a Rolex is one of the items as well as a Bentley, one can dream.

Kitchenware Wishlist ~ House of Fraser

I have been in my current apartment for just under 2 years and my cutlery is giving shade. Moving into my first apartment was a big deal but I was also skint so I didn’t spend much on my kitchenware. I put this list together of all the items I am hoping to replace in home.

January 2017 Sponsors ~ Thank you

Though the intention of this blog was to share my personal rants, it slowly transformed into an ideas place. I dare not say an inspirational place because I am not sure it had reached such heights yet but I am working on it. A July Dreamer is a place I share Fashion Ideas, Travels, Beauty and everything Lifestyle. If I am able to inspire even just one person to try out some of my fashion ideas then I am happy. Should I manage to inspire people to travel more either abroad or home that’s an achievement I will cherish.