The Unusual Careers Of The Fashion Industry

Even just the idea of working in the fashion industry sounds glamorous. Thankfully, the industry has grown enormously and nowadays fashion isn’t just about models and designers anymore. It needs people with all kinds of skills. The typical fashion jobs that we all know about can be easily found using online search resources, however, due to the highly saturated fashion industry job market in the UK and the growing importance of fashion in smaller areas, it may turn out to be a better idea to look for a job in smaller cities with developing fashion scenes, like Derby for example. If, on the other hand, getting a job in the big city is your priority, look into the unusual careers explored below.

Fashion Design Consultant for TV and Movies

Nowadays, costumes and props hold even more power in television series and movies. Due to high-definition screens and an audience that can take their opinion to Twitter if a costume looks as if it is from the 1800s when it should actually be from 1700s, the detail-oriented work of fashion design consultants is crucial.

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Professional Closet Organiser

Have you ever color coordinated your closet or rearranged your items so it just makes more sense when you go to pick out an outfit? Imagine doing this, but on a huge scale.

Print Approver

For the creative types with a keen sense of style, being a print approver is a great option. Print approver develop print fabrics and ensure they flatter the silhouette of a piece or collection.

Christmas Display Production Specialist

Department stores are now considering Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year, which is why elaborate displays and a lot of planning goes into preparing for the holiday season. Production specialists are hired to focus on only one project: Christmas displays.

Fashion Florist

A lot of hard work goes into every last detail of photo-shoots and runway shows, right down to how many and which flowers are used. Whether you have a green thumb or not, if you know your flowers and love fashion, it could be your sweet spot to earning your way into the fashion industry as a fashion florist.

Though these jobs may seem a bit unusual, specializing in what you love outside of fashion can be just what it takes to land a job in the fashion industry.

Written in collaboration with M.D