{Travel Favourites} Top 10 Travel Posts of 2016

Top 10 travel posts of 2016 is a roundup of the favourite 10 travel posts on A July Dreamer. I had contemplated about doing this over the last few days and conceded to doing one. As travel was a huge part of my 2016 {#take12trips} I felt it important to do this post. Also this gives me an idea and excuse to revisit some of yours and mine favourite travel posts.

Top 10 travel posts of 2016

As mentioned above, 2016 was a big year of travel. I was abroad practically every month and managed to visit over 13 countries and cities. I still can’t believe I managed to complete a yearly challenge and looking to start another. Not waiting to waste any time here are the Top 10 travel posts of 2016.Top 10 Travel Posts of 2016

Czech Republic & Slovakia

I am totally surprised that Top Five (5) Must See in Brno is #1 loved travel post. I wouldn’t have thought it in a million years, I enjoyed my time there that’s for sure. Prior to booking my trip to Brno I had no idea this city existed and in Czech Republic for that matter. Everyone has heard of Prague but not many know of Brno, I was in that category too. The beauty about Brno is that you can explore it in one day and the use the rest of your days exploring neighbouring cities. These include Vienna {Austria}, Bratislava {Slovakia} and Budapest {Hungary}. I was able to visit Vienna and Bratislava but didn’t have time to visit Budapest which is next on my hit list.


It’s not surprising that Prague Weekend Getaway made it as #2 most loved travel post. I had been raving about this the entire year because of the significance change it brought in my life. Prague is a place I decided not to wait on nobody to do anything. Though I took a friend with me it still marked the first of my many trips in 2016.

Top Five (5) Must Visit in Bratislava came in at #8 as mentioned above, whilst in Brno I was able to grab a train and head of to Bratislava. This was a wonderful experience, I walked everywhere and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Coming in at #4 I am happy to see Top Five (5) attractions in Prague. As mentioned above this was the first trip of the year and opened so many doors for me.

prague castle


You have no idea how happy I got seeing Explore Slovenia had made it at #6. This wasn’t my first time in Slovenia but it was my first Press Trip covered by BigBerry. I had never been on a press trip abroad, this was an exciting time and step up for the blog.

At #7 comes visiting Vintgar Gorge which is also in Slovenia and part of the Press Trip by Big Berry. Though I had such a busy day before, early flight I felt refreshed visiting Vintgar Gorge. This is one place in Slovenia apart from Ljubljana and Bled that I highly recommend. I had such a brilliant time that I am eager to go back and explore some more.

reasons you should explore slovenia

Luxury of Freedom with BigBerry came in at #9, I am grateful that you guys loved this post as much as I did writing it. As mentioned above, Big Berry offered me an amazing opportunity to spend a few days in Slovenia exploring Matlinka and Ljubljana.

South Africa

Journey to Johannesburg came in at #5 which I am pleased about because its not your typical South Africa trip. Many visiting South Africa often go for safaris where as I just went for family and recuperating visit. I can not wait to go back to South Africa sometime this year, very excited.

Tips and Tricks

People often ask me How I manage to travel often and my answer is simple, I make time. It’s different for everyone and I would never belittle those who are not able. Of course money places a role but I am fortunate in that I make some money from the blog. I use that money for travels and unexpected bills plus blog bills. To see this post as #3 I am elated as I finally found time to answer my readers.

And in #10 is Three (3) Tips on saving money whilst traveling. The themes for 2017 includes saving money wherever I can including whilst traveling. I am glad to see that this post on saving money whilst traveling made the cut.

2016 was truly an incredible year, the rest of the world might have been shit but not here. I am glad to have traveled as much as I did and very excited to see what 2017 has in store.

Which of my Top 10 travel posts of 2016 was your favourite.