Home ideas for Spring 

Though winter is battering on like it will never end, spring is not too far off. It’s hard to believe when you’re knee-deep in snow to think about spring. But spring is coming, and I am here to give you some home ideas for spring in preparation. Spring is a time of new beginnings, flowers bloom and the colours reappear after hiding from winter.

Darker curtains for the bedroom 

I love spring like the next person but I hate dislike the sun in my face before I am fully awake. If you’re anything like me I recommend getting some darker and heavy curtains for the bedroom. Yes spring is the time of new beginnings but if it ruins my morning there won’t be no beginning to enjoy.

home for spring

Bifolding doors for the livingroom

Having bifolding doors between your livingroom and conservatory is a great idea to welcome spring. Unlike in the bedroom, I love my livingroom well light and bifolding doors can help with that. They can help to really open up the space and welcome natural lighting and fresh air.

Brighten your home

Spring is all about beautiful colours so it makes sense to add as much colour around the house as possible. I am thinking beautiful and bright cushions in the livingroom and the bedroom. It does not have to be expensive, you can buy affordable cushion and chair covers. Adding flowers to the home is also another way to brighten your home.

home ideas for spring

Prepare for Spring cleaning

Confession, I am not a fun of spring cleaning it’s just not my thing that’s why I don’t wait till spring to do the overall cleaning. I think it’s best to start a few weeks before spring, don’t pack your winter woolies just yet but prepare. Start by decluttering what you can, for most people it’s the closet for others it’s the laundry room. Whatever it is start to prepare to make it easier for when spring comes and you start the actual spring cleaning.

Get your garden ready 

This is more practical if you don’t have any more snow planned or still falling. Some of us in the UK have been fortunate with little to no snow so it’s easy to start getting the garden ready. Though I know next to nothing about maintaining a garden, my mother on the other hand is busy at work on her garden.